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June’s Story Updated on ‘My 600 Lb. Life’ Where Are They Now?’

“My 600 Lb. Life: Where Are They Now?” follows the story of June, one of Dr. Now’s most difficult patients. Tonight we follow her second year on his program and it looks like she has a new goal: skin surgery. Let’s recall how June spent year one of her journey to lose hundreds of pounds and save her life.

June and her partner Sadi, lived the life of patient and enabler, as Dr. Now called Sadi. She admitted to giving up trying to get June to eat better, so she fell into the role of caretaker, someone who followed June’s orders and kept her clean.

The story of her first year was filled with things like lying to Dr. Now about her intentions to get with the program. She invented illnesses to “get attention” as the doctor said. She also argued with him about whether he really knew what was best for her. Don’t you love it when patients say that? Their knowledge of what is good for them got them to a state of morbid obesity.

We learned her tragic back story which included the fact that her son died from gun violence. Her son Mack was a good boy, June told us, but he made bad decisions about who he had in his circle. After his murder June shut down and found that only in food could she get comfort for her emotional pain. Yet, at her peak weight, knowing she would die if it wasn’t addressed, she couldn’t manage to deny herself.

Once she gave in and crawled back to Dr. Now she was hospitalized, lost more than 50 lbs. that after her release got cut to less than 30 lbs. by eating at home again. Somehow she got back on track and was approved for surgery. When she hit a weight plateau post-surgery June resumed her old behavior and was forced into therapy unless she wanted her lifeline to Dr. Now cut off.

It worked for June who lost 200 lbs. by the time we left her on “My 600 Lb. Life”. Now it’s time for “Where Are They Now?” Check back in tomorrow for a recap of the episode.


Early in the episode, June was the world’s most compliant patient, totally in tune with Dr. Now. She looked great and continued to shed pounds. Her goals were simple, and she was on a straight line to them. We learned that her partner Sadi was no longer in her life in a romantic way and June believed it was best for both of them. Sadi had been strapped to her as a caretaker for years.

June’s progress was steady and impressive, because her goal was skin surgery. Once the first surgery took place she lost her focus a bit and returned to the person we recall from her first year on the program. She substituted her judgment for Dr. Now, but in an interesting way.

She wanted pats on the back for having lost more than half her previous body weight. She was wearing clothes she could buy at retail that fit her. She found a job at a law firm and was exercising regularly. She needed a breather, and who could blame her. But, after two visits without much progress Dr. Now got stern with her.

The doctor predicted that bad habits, and slacking off would lead to weight gain, not maintaining. June disagreed, until he put the hammer down, withholding approval for the next skin surgery until she dropped closer to her goal weight of 200 lbs. That did the trick, and she was successful.

Can’t we all relate to June wanting to congratulate herself for being in a size 14-16 after 6X clothing? Luckily for her, she returned to the lifestyle change after a few months of enjoying her new body. June is someone who would be intriguing to see in year 3.

“My 600 Lb. Life: Where Are They Now?” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.    Image credit: TLC: used with permission

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