Tamar Braxton on "Braxton Family Values"

Watch Tamar’s Deleted Scene From ‘Braxton Family Values’ Mexico Vacation Show (VIDEO)

Update: Showdown with Daddy and wife turns ugly, devastates Tamar and Trina

Get ready for tonight’s bombshell episode of “Braxton Family Values”. We pick up where we left off with the family in Mexico on vacation, just as Daddy Braxton and his wife arrive to stir things up. Tamar invited Daddy, but nothing was said about “The Other Mrs. Braxton”, as the episode is titled.

Tamar’s got a lot of explaining to do about more than that, however. Unbeknownst to the sisters, while they were playing in the Mexican sun, Vince and Logan were already in the hotel waiting for Tamar. The vacation coincided with Vince’s birthday and Tamar refused to be apart from him on that special day.

Here’s the thing, though…might she not have considered that when agreeing to the vacation dates? Oh well, it makes for more drama, just the way we like it on “Braxton Family Values”. Speaking of Tamar and Vince, check out the video clip of a deleted scene from the Mexico episodes.

We’ve heard Tamar talk about Vince’s weight-loss and her concern that she was no longer the skinnier partner in the couple. She makes it specific with the sisters as they sit on the beach. “I refuse to be the fat spouse”! She’s given up carbs, except alcohol. Then there’s a discussion about whether or not alcohol contains carbs. You’ll love it.

Here’s what wasn’t deleted from the show: the scene of them coming face-to-face with the new Mrs. Braxton, then a truth-telling session that will scorch their weaves. Toni Braxton made the executive decision to ask the couple to dinner with the family. Hold on to your chairs for this one.

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