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‘Braxton Family Values’ Recap: Daddy Plays Victim, Crushes Tamar and Trina With Truth in Mexico

“Braxton Family Values” exposed the most raw and private moment between Daddy Braxton and his daughters during “The Other Mrs. Braxton” and their lives won’t ever be the same. Trina and Tamar were the most emotional, ending the dinner at which they came face-to-face with their dad’s wife Miss Wanda.

All the ladies’ abandonment issues that wouldn’t go away were thrown out for discussion and Miss Wanda turned out to be less of a villain than her husband. She encouraged her husband to attend Trina’s wedding and remain in contact with his daughters, mending fences between them.

It was Daddy Braxton that didn’t know how to do it. Trina learned that her father made the decision to skip her wedding. But, that wasn’t all, the patriarch of the clan told his daughters that he did it out of anger that he was being “ordered” to behave in a certain way. Without an invitation to Wanda he decided that he needed to stay away to make a point.

Oh, he made one, but what about his attendance at Tamar’s wedding? The difference had nothing to do with him loving Tamar more than Trina, but she was smart enough to allow him to bring a “plus one”. She never extended a formal invitation to Wanda, but it was expected that she would be on her husband’s arm.

Then Daddy Braxton made things worse by defying the women’s wish for him to be contrite and admit he was wrong. While he uttered a sentence or two like that, most of his statements made matters worse. His point of view made him the victim. He kept pleading his case by demanding love and understanding for years of neglect, blaming them and his ex-wife for making him feel unwanted and like an outcast.

Miss Evelyn learned about Daddy and Miss Wanda being at the hotel from Logan and told Towanda and Trina that she was leaving, refusing to accept her ex-husband’s decision to crash their party. She marched out, caught the first plane home and missed the dinner, thank goodness.

It became a standoff between Tamar and her father. She was the one that pleaded with him to come to Mexico on that video chat in front of her sisters and mom. It was Toni that got him and Wanda to come to dinner to clear the air and talk like adults. He’s growing older and Toni fears they’ll lose him without ever settling matters among them.

Miss Wanda got up as Tamar became hysterical, the only term you can use to describe her anguish. She kept screaming at her father, “We’re your children – your children! You pick your children above all else.” In other words, as a father he should have sucked it up and made it a priority to try to mend fences. Picking your pride over your kids was unfathomable to Tamar. Trina kept weeping while listening to Tamar defend her.

Trina just kept repeating, “It was his decision”, to reject her wedding invitation. It was his choice to stay away, admitting how uncomfortable he is in their presence. Of course he is, because the elephant in the room had yet to be escorted out. That was the anger of his children towards Miss Wanda and him for devastating their mother.

“Braxton Family Values” airs Thursdays on WE tv, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image credit: WE tv, used with permission¬†

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