David Norton on "Married At First Sight: Second Chances"

Who Got Dates With David Norton on Ep. 3 ‘Married At First Sight: Second Chances’?

Updated: Recap of next episode posted. Who got eliminated?

“Married at First Sight: Second Chances”, moved into the one-on-one dating portion of the program. In last night’s episode three, the ten women left were split into groups of five for activity outings, then watched as David chose his first three women for dates.

Guess who wasn’t among them? That’s right, neither Maya nor Callie made the first cut. Instead he chose to see Isabella, Tara and Melika. He looks fed up with the drama and his discussions with Maya, all on the side, away from the others, consisted of comforting her and listening over and over about her victim status with bullies all around her.

Isabella: She’s much younger than David and a bit school-girlish. He chose her after the go-kart activity, just to get a breather from all the in-fighting among Maya and the others. He learned that Maya is the one picked by the other women as the bad apple in the bunch. Would he choose her to go home first? doesn’t look like it, because she appears in scenes of upcoming show.

Tara: Talk about second chances, these two have a five year history of bad timing and attraction. Perfect for a show called “Married At First Sight: Second Chances”! There is a real chemistry between them. David lights up around her and keeps coming back to the bad timing in the past. She entered this contest just because of him, and is a down to earth sort of gal. She’s got her life together with a good job, her own home and now wants to settle down with someone to share it all. Tara got the nod for a date after the boxing activity.

Melika: She played damsel-in-distress at the group visit to a mystery-fun house where escaping from creatures and a locked room is the point. David kept saving everyone from a man dressed as a zombie, crawling on the floor of the locked room. No one was in more danger than Melika, because she wasn’t engaging in solving clues to get them the heck out of there. The others resented it, but she got picked for the next date. Is anyone else annoyed by her voice and attitude? The topper was her admitting she hates big romantic displays of affection. David’s sorta’ that kind of guy.

Maya vs. Callie went nowhere, but Maya vs. everyone did. The other women told David one-by-one, that Maya was the culprit and the bad apple in the bunch. Maya spent all her time with David, complaining about how she was treated, and at one point told him she thought she might drop out of the race. That was the perfect thing to do, because David doubled down, asking her to stay, repeating that he has a real connection with her.

Jordan got some alone time at the go-cart venue after she had the best time on the track. David still believes, as does Jordan that had they been matched rather than David and Danielle, they’d still be married. So, why isn’t she the top contender, right?

Who gets eliminated first?

“Married At First Sight: Second Chances” airs Thursdays on Lifetime, immediately following the latest episode of Season five of “Married at First Sight” 

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1 thought on “Who Got Dates With David Norton on Ep. 3 ‘Married At First Sight: Second Chances’?

  1. Maya is getting a raw deal from the jealous women especially the one who played a game of pool with him. I hope he isn’t stupid and picks one of those catty women. I also don’t like the one with the giant nose he keeps calling stunning.
    Lin She is extremely unattractive in the face. Very hard to look at.

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