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‘Scandal’ RECAP: Big Reveals About OPA and Peus’ Boss Who’s Scary As Heck

“Scandal” presented the episode “Head Games”, as the show heads into its season finale with the big reveal we asked for: who was behind Peus and Associates? WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

It’s someone that Papa Pope fears, and hasn’t taken out despite multiple opportunities. Yet, only he can make her go away. Yes, it was Maya Pope who pulled the puppet strings on Peus. She was the one that wanted to make Mellie POTUS, then force her to bend to her will.

Our other big question after last week’s episode was answered as well. What the heck does life look like for Fitz after he steps down? He’s set up or about to set up a foundation, helmed by Marcus. Its focus will be righting wrongs for the forgotten people, as Fitz called them, when they rub up against the U.S. legal system.

It arose from Marcus shaming POTUS about taking a bow for passage of Brandon’s Bill. Calling it mere window dressing, Marcus defied Fitz to dig past the numbers that show life getting better for Americans as a whole. As head of the new foundation, Marcus was able to turn down Mellie’s offer to stay on as her Communications Director. It didn’t look difficult for him, but Mellie was stunned and hurt.

The comic relief, if you can call it that, was David Rosen getting Ms. Ruland’s head in a box care of Eli Pope. He took the time to do it after the years of empty boxes arriving at his door. Rosen was obsessed about who Ruland was, feeling overwhelmed with guilt that he could have fallen for her, putting the country and his friends in such jeopardy. When he demanded help from Eli, that’s what he got.

That was on Eli’s way out-of-town. He had an emotional dinner with Olivia, something that’s rare on “Scandal”, because it was Olivia’s time to say, “I still need you”. No, Eli told her, you don’t and you can’t. Your association with me will only muddy everything we worked for. She was finally in the Oval and NOT as First Lady. A proud Papa Pope said goodbye for the final time and took a powder, until Liv yanked him back to tackle the Mommy problem.

The head in a box was carried to Abby’s, the only place David felt safe leaving it in a fridge of freezer until Jake got there. Yeah, ’cause those crazy kids have that kind of thing going! Here’s thinking there will be a reconciliation in the season finale. They have to make career plans, and they are still close despite breakup after breakup.

Jake joined the party, taking DNA from the severed head and running it through his NSA database. Ultimately, a real name (Gertrude) and location were found, which led to the shocker ending with stylish, cunning Mama Pope sipping a martini. She ordered it the way she likes it: up and dirty. Think we’ll have to try that one on for size at a bar soon.

Wrapping up loose ends at OPA was also on the agenda. What’s OPA without OP, we asked last week, and we found out. It’s OPA with a new head gladiator named Quinn Perkins. She was put to the test by Olivia who feigned disinterest in Quinn’s choice for a traditional presidential pardon in the final days of a presidency. Without hard proof of innocence, she told Quinn, it wouldn’t be the right move for POTUS, potentially spoiling his legacy.

What? Quinn dug into the background of the man set up for a hate crime murder. A black man convicted of hanging a white man on the word of another white man who claimed he wasn’t an eyewitness. It would stir up the country, and according to Liv, it was too messy and dangerous to do. Quinn screamed her head off, accusing Liv of becoming a person who played it safe, didn’t care about the “little guy” and cared more for her circles of power at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

While that may be true to some extent, with Liv moving on to run the free world, she still cares about her company and someone, if not her, wearing the white hat. Quinn had moaned all episode, particularly to Charlie about Liv dumping the business. What would they do? Charlie is always funny when he talks about them as a badass couple who will be contract killers, just like he’s been for years. That’s not Quinn’s first choice, however, and she showed it.

Quinn forced her way into the Oval and made a pitch to Fitz after getting shutout by Liv. When Fitz was disdainful, learning that Liv thought the case wasn’t strong enough, Quinn went into monologue mode. She made Fitz believe that her gut was as good as Liv’s used to be before she became this other person, so to speak. She got him to agree and the deed was done.

The showdown Quinn thought was coming, as she was ready to torch her boss and mentor didn’t happen. Liv cut it short by explaining that Quinn was now obliged to sit in the big chair, in the big office and run OPA.

Remember when we first met Quinn? The dear departed Harrison recruited her for a job at OPA. She was a confused, innocent young lawyer whose lover died in a bomb blast that she was blamed for. She woke up in a hotel one morning and found she had a new identity, was safe from prosecution, and didn’t know who got her that way.

Big ups to Liv for her choice and Quinn for taking it on. How’s that going to work if Charlie works for her? Will he stick around with a wife as his boss? What about Huck? Then there’s the possibility of David and Abby taking a part in it. Oh yes, and Jake; will Liv convince him to play a part in Mellie’s cabinet?

What’s your best guess on that?

“Scandal” airs Thursdays on ABC beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: ABC, used with permission 

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