Jeff and Trapper part of the AIMS team investigate creatures on "Mountain Monsters"

‘Mountain Monsters’ Preview: Dark Forest Takes Down Buck, Huckleberry and Jeff (VIDEO)

UPDATE: posted below.

“Mountain Monsters” returns tonight on Destination America, with a new episode. After last week’s Super Fan best-of show, the AIMS team  returns to the Dark Forest and Jeff’s connection, if any, to the mysterious symbol. Then there’s the Black Wolf.

We heard what the legend says, and we hope that the creature has not come for Jeff, or anyone else on the team. For those that might have missed the previous episode, you can catch up, here. As we noted, the original mission was to capture the Woman of the Woods, in exchange for information from the Rogue Team about who took the Stonish Giant.

Fans of “Mountain Monsters” have begun to wonder why the show has taken this turn. They request that the AIMS team focus on finding creatures with the hope of proving their existence to a population that is more than a bit skeptical. Are you among those that are tired of the Jeff investigation?

On tonight’s episode, “Huckleberry’s Predator” the team insists on answers from Jeff about the Dark Forest, then head back there to get proof of the Black Wolf’s existence. Jeff’s still with them, but might wish he wasn’t, as his reaction clearly demonstrates.

Meanwhile, since Huckleberry’s name is in the title, you’d expect him to figure prominently in the show, and he does. If you recall, Huck sensed someone or something following the team in the Dark Forest. Tonight he finds out what it is and finds himself in a fight for his life. Somehow, Buck gets separated from the group and has his own sighting. The Woman of the Woods pays him a visit and has his own episode with whatever power follows her around.


Well, well, well, between another bloody nose for Jeff and a bloody Huckleberry, there were plenty of things to investigate. If you add Buck going into a 90-minute trance, wandering through the Dark Forest then coming to his senses, it becomes a bit much. Yet, many fans of “Mountain Monsters” love this stuff, and it’s entertaining in a comic way.

For example, Wild Bill awakened by the team didn’t take time to put on his pants. He ran through the woods toting a gun in his underwear. When he stayed that way, even Buck was a bit surprised. There he was next to Willy, running lookout, warning the others who were trying to download images from a camera that resulted in images of what Buck swears is the Black Wolf.

Speaking of that, Jeff and Trapper explained their secret meeting and no one was happy. It didn’t last long, and Trapper had to reassert his authority over the AIMS team. Jeff was running a con with the other side who he hasn’t identified yet. To gain their trust, he had to pick a fight with his teammates and be mysterious. Since Trapper’s never in the woods with the gang, Jeff used him as his confidante.

The people Jeff’s working with were responsible for setting up the tripwire in the Dark Forest, and added a camera to capture an image of any creature that bumped into it. Jeff, now an acknowledged double agent for the AIMS team, gave the guys a head start to download the images when he was notified of something setting it off. If you believe the image on your TV screen that looked into the screen on the computer Buck used, there was a wolf with black fur.

Then it all got a bit crazy. Huckleberry was left alone, waiting for the others and got lured to a cabin, tracking paw prints that might belong to the Black Wolf. When he entered the cabin he was attacked and left bloody and dazed.

Jeff was part of a shooting incident, but because of him being hazy on what occurred, we got nothing specific, other than to hear that his companion was the one who took a bullet. Is he dead? Who knows, because the team, without Huckleberry were too concerned about Jeff’s latest bloody nose.

Are we any closer to the initial reason the AIMS team went to the Dark Forest? It’s difficult to say, since they have become obsessed with the wolf, rather than finding the Woman of the Woods. That means they have yet to get information from the Rogue Team about the corpse of the Stonish Giant. Are we all straight on all this?

“Mountain Monsters” airs Saturdays on Destination America beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission

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1 thought on “‘Mountain Monsters’ Preview: Dark Forest Takes Down Buck, Huckleberry and Jeff (VIDEO)

  1. The review was NOT correct! Jeff was with several people. They were keeping in contact by walkie-talkies. At no time was a person shot! After you hear gunshots, someone​ comes over the walkie-talkie saying, “Jeff is bleeding,” & “Jeff is down.” Willie & Bill hear this over the walkie-talkie, Willie stole. They search for Jeff, as Jeff had called & told them where they’d be, trying to find out what all they were doing. When Bill sees Jeff, he thinks he’s been shot in the face but it’s just another nosebleed. It’s then that Jeff states, “they shot him” meaning the Black Wolf.
    You failed to mention the main part that all Mountain Monsters fans have been asking about all season! When Buck goes missing & the camera man finally sees him, he doesn’t act like Buck. He’s whistling & says, “I know why Jeff’s nose bleeds.” Then a phone rings & it’s as if he’s been awakened. He’s acting like himself again but his phone isn’t in his pocket. He finds it by following the ringing, leaning against a tree. He answers but no one’s there. How did his phone get out of his pocket & why was it at that tree & who called it? Is this the same thing that happened to Jeff when he found a video of himself with the woman of the woods telling him of the Black Wolf, on his phone?

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