Mary, Abe, Jeremiah, Rebecca, and Carmela walk to the beach.on season four "Return to Amish"

‘Return to Amish’: Rebecca vs. Jeremiah on Disrespect in Florida. Who Ya’ Got?

“Return to Amish” picked up with Mary and Abe’s arrival in Florida to surprise Jeremiah and Carmela. In the episode “Fun in the Shun”, it was good news for the couple whose bickering is out of control. Abe pitched in to help Jeremiah finish off a deck on his new home, then it was off to Sarasota.

They announced to Mary and Abe that they were ready to start their own family via IVF. It took a while for Mary to understand the procedure. There was concern for Carmela and Jeremiah getting busy on that project as they managed the home construction, but they kept it to themselves, for a change!

The Sarasota trip was a relief for Carmela who stopped fighting with Jeremiah. The couple began to enjoy each other again. The only sour note was when Jeremiah took his wife bicycling in the area where he used to live. He was on the verge of a panic attack as he relived the anger towards him for leaving the Amish community. They had a better time at the bar, drinking and dancing.

No one had more fun than Mary, who is a two-fisted drinker. She was the hit of the place, willing to try line dancing and of course, a bit of time on a stripper pole. Not that she actually did anything close to pole dancing, but everyone got a great photo opportunity with Mary in her Amish garb smiling it up.

That brought up the lingering issue of the fear that Chester is in danger of paying the price for Mary’s English ways. Back in Punxsutawney, Mary’s other son and her daughter flirted with telling their father. Andrew got very close and then pulled back. Thinking that was a great decision, because no one should tell Mary’s story before she’s ready. Hopefully she does it sooner than later.

When Rebecca decided to fly down to enjoy Sarasota things changed for all concerned. Sure enough there was a blowup as the five family members cruised on a boat offshore. Rebecca wanted to cuddle with Abe rather than engage in family chat and Jeremiah went off on her. Meanwhile, we watched as the GED geography classes made Rebecca realize just where Africa is on the map. There’s a long way to go there.

Up in Lancaster, the toughest storyline on this season of “Return to Amish” continued to play out. Sabrina broke down about the home birth plans that went awry. She fears this baby will be taken away from her too. To help herself turn things around she found a non-denominational church pastor who knows the Mennonite ways. His loving attitude and the acceptance she felt was just what she needed.

So, will Rebecca sit in the back of the Trans Am on a road trip back to Pennsylvania, or will she fly alone? Thoughts?

“Return to Amish” airs Sundays on TLC, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT ¬† ¬†Image credit: Discovery Communications/TLC, used with permisison

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