The Catch cancelled by ABC

‘The Catch’ Season 2 Finale Was Last Show, ABC Cancels Series

“The Catch” is no longer on the ABC schedule, after this week’s announcement that it was among the shows that got canceled by ABC. Unlike “Last Man Standing”, there was no outcry or accusations of political intrigue.

The final scene of last week’s season 2 finale of “The Catch” saw lovers Alice Vaughn and Benjamin Jones wave goodbye for an undetermined period of time. Ben fled the country with his former lover, her brother and daughter, with the intention of figuring out a way to return without landing in federal custody.

We now know that they’ll be waiting forever and a day, because the show got axed. In answer to questions about how to make difficult decisions about what shows stay and go, an ABC exec said that the show’s time slot as well as viewership have a place in business decisions. Unlike Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing”, which had enough tune-ins, “The Catch” didn’t make it a difficult choice.

We covered the season two premiere of “The Catch” and noted it didn’t have that same zing as its inaugural go-round. The premise of the show at the beginning was that a smart, successful business woman, who investigates for a living, was taken by a con man. He didn’t just bed her, he cleaned out her bank account and dumped her after more than a year.

Alice Vaughn, the woman conned spent her time finding him, and pondering how she couldn’t have seen it coming. Meanwhile, there were plenty of flashback, hot scenes of their steamy relationship. The way the show was shot and the set design made it look luxurious, while Alice and Ben’s romance was believable. Season two saw them restart the relationship after he came clean and she forgave. It didn’t have the same sizzle.

Here’s how we put it after the season 2 premiere:

Watching the season premiere, you might have been better served by just going with the fun of it all, not trying to follow the plot. It worked on that level if you love to watch Alice and Ben figure out how to be together. It’s not the same as when we learned that Ben was a con man and took Alice for everything she had, plus tore her heart into pieces, but there’s hope.

We’re sorry to see it go, but it’s not surprising. Were you a fan and how do you feel about the cancellation?

Image credit: ABC, used with permission 

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6 thoughts on “‘The Catch’ Season 2 Finale Was Last Show, ABC Cancels Series

  1. We feel that the series wasn’t given the best opportunity for success. 10 week run in HTGAWM time slot didn’t help. The bounce from murder drama to romance comedy didn’t fit the demographic. If the series had run during Fall premieres and run a good season it could have garnered a better following. Don’t get us wrong we are huge Mireille Enis fans and we want The Catch back. We brought back The Killing after AMC cancelled it twice and we will fight to get it another chance. The series was also included with Shona Rhimes other show runners but it was not her show. We think that had something to do with it too.
    @TheKillingFanGroup and @TheCatchFans

    • Agree Melissa. The review of the season premiere discussed the issue of the show being off the air almost a year before it returned.

  2. I’m very upset about the cancellation and there is a person going around to bring it back there are so many more storylines that can be explored. It’s a good show with humor , romance, suspense and it’s not a reality show please bring the catch back

  3. I have watched both seasons. It has been my number 1 drama series. It kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. I loved the romance, too. The main characters were all very good actors and actresses. The photography is excellent. Everything about this show is amazing. I can’t understand why it didn’t “catch” on with a bigger audience. I’m thinking it wasn’t well advertised. The actors and actresses should have appeared on all the prominent talk shows on other stations besides ABC. There should have been more hype around it. I definitely want a season 3, plus a reshowing of season 1 and 2 to get more people interested in it. It needs more exposure to the public. I’m sure everyone would love the characters like I did.

  4. Your article says season two didn’t have the same sizzle as season one. Who’s opinion is that? We…the loyal viewers of the show, liked it just the way it was. We think it had just the right amount of spark and sizzle, enough to want a season, 3, 4, 5, +???
    ABC should reconsider cancelling it…or another station–or–perhaps Netflix, should pick it up. Netflix opted to do a final season of Mireille’s series, “The Killing”. There is so much more The Catch could have evolved into, and so much more the characters could have done. Netflix, hear our plea! PLEASE!

  5. I thought it was really good. It reminded me between The Avengers to Mr& Mrs Smith. I admit there were a couple of weakness in a couple of some characters but I loved it and it had potential Great potential . I love Shonda Rimes who created the show . I did felt there was not enough investment in the characters .

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