Milla and her daughter Hannah on "My 600 Lb. Life"

Milla’s Story on ‘My 600 Lb. Life Where Are They Now?’: Five Kids At Risk Again

“My 600 Lb. Life” provides us with the second year of Milla’s journey, on “Where Are They Now?”, tonight on TLC. Tragedy strikes Milla and her large family, putting her health at serious risk.

She began her story on the show at more than 700 lbs. and bedridden. Milla struggled to help herself at all, leaving very little if any time or hope of taking care of things for her five children. Some patients of Dr. Now have more than one enablers, as he calls them – people who keep the patient happy with food. Milla had five.

Her kids were given the shopping list, told to get mom what she asked for and give it to her. Without the ability to stand up to their parent, the children helped her reach the point of no return. In fact, when she entered the weight-loss program that is the center of “My 600 Lb. Life” Dr Nowzaradan enlisted her children in a new campaign. A dietician told them to deny mom food that isn’t on the program, and don’t fear that it means you don’t love her. Check out the video clip of that scene, posted below!

First, Milla was hospitalized and lost 50 lbs. in 30 days. From there it was a fight to realize she was hurting her children if she returned to bad eating habits. She made progress by the end of the one-year period we watch on the show. In tonight’s follow-up “Where Are They Now?” things get sad, and quickly for Milla; her husband Elroy ends up in the hospital and she’s left to take care of the kids alone.

She takes a detour on her road to health and returns to bed confinement. If that weren’t bad enough, Elroy passes away and the family is left to decide whether to rally or retreat into life-threatening behavior. Can Milla unite her grieving family and continue in her goals to walk again?

“My 600 Lb. Life: Where Are They Now?” airs Wednesdays on TLC, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: TLC, used with permission

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