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’24: Legacy’: Why a Second Season on Fox Is Worth It

UPDATED: Final decision from Fox and why!

The fate of “24:Legacy” is still up in the air as of this writing, meaning that Fox TV has yet to get off the fence about ordering episodes for a new season. Star Corey Hawkins is committed to a stage play, so a return in autumn 2017 was never in the cards. That doesn’t mean it can’t debut season 2 in the winter.

Our opinion is that it’s worth another look. We may have begun with an eyebrow raised about it, but ultimately, we became interested enough to care about the fate of the main characters.

Fans of “24” and Jack Bauer were intrigued enough to check the show out, and we admit that it took a couple of episodes to see Corey Hawkins, as main character Eric Carter, without comparing him to Kiefer Sutherland. What helped was the look and feel of the original series providing a sense of familiarity. The darkened set at headquarters and the iconic ticking clock sending us in and out of commercial breaks helped.

There were times that you could harken back to plot points that were used in “24,” such as the existence of a traitor among the supposed good guys. A terrorist plot to use WMD was another, along with a story that saw someone who righteously believed he was a patriot, help the bad guys kill people.

Let’s not forget the bonus of seeing the character of Tony Almeida later in the season. Tony’s still got it! The fact that Eric Carter’s wife became endangered, all because she wouldn’t stay out of the action, made us recall Terri Bauer in season one of the original show. Unlike Terri, Nicole Carter didn’t perish.

Initially it was a shock that a show that used to have 24 episodes for each hour in the day, was reduced to 12, but as the season progressed it became a non-issue. Even the most rabid fans of the original show have to admit there was filler and repetition that wasn’t necessary. There were times the plot twists and turns became ridiculous to follow. The season of “24:Legacy” ended and Eric Carter was poised to take up the mantle of a counter-intelligence officer on a full-time basis. Let’s give him that opportunity.

“24:Legacy” image credit: Fox Broadcasting, used with permission¬†

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