Tamar Braxton at family dinner in Mexico with Daddy on "Braxton Family Values"

Who Attends Vince’s Birthday Party After ‘Braxton Family Values’ Mexico Drama? (VIDEO)

Updated with recap posted below. 

“Braxton Family Values” continues its explosive season with an episode titled “After the Storm” airing Thursday night May 18 on WE tv. The family, except Evelyn, are still in Mexico after last week’s divisive and emotional dinner. Daddy and Wanda attended and the conversation went to the heart of what troubles the Sisters Braxton.

The ladies learned that Miss Wanda didn’t keep Daddy Braxton from being with his daughters, whether it was Trina’s wedding or any other family event. If he wasn’t able to invite his wife along to the event, he chose to stay home, without a real explanation. It led the sisters to believe that their father was a cheating fool who abandoned them at the request of Wanda.

What they learned instead was that he couldn’t get past his anger at them rejecting his wife, and couldn’t be the bigger man. Trina fell to pieces realizing it was her father’s idea to leave refuse to walk his daughter down the aisle. Tamar picked up the mantle and attacked her father in a scene so emotional and gut wrenching, no matter how you feel about Tamar, your heart had to go out to her.sneak peek

Somehow everyone got a night’s sleep and faced a new day. In the sneak peek posted below, watch the different tone of conversation between Tamar and her father. “Braxton Family Values” is always surprising, and tonight is no different. We’re now on to the fact that Tamar asked Vince to Mexico along with Logan, on what was supposed to be a sisters-only trip with Mommy.

She explained why, just neglected to tell the ladies. So, now it’s time for the birthday party and Tamar asks Daddy to attend, but has to get past him telling her that Wanda must be on his arm for him to attend. Get the popcorn ready!


So, that happened. Tamar’s sisters chose to ignore Vince’s birthday party in Mexico, and for some reason Tamar never talked to them about it, including after they landed back in the U.S. Does that sound like them?

Towanda and Trina were counseled by Mommy to let it go, since there is nothing to gain from taking it forward. At that same meal Evelyn made it clear she is not willing to blend her family, like Toni had suggested. She is adamant that Wanda doesn’t belong anywhere near the girls and her.

It means it will be impossible for the sisters to include Daddy and Wanda at the next big family event, if they want their mom there. Tamar spoke about her loyalty to Evelyn and discomfort with Miss Wanda at this time. It was enough to exclude her from Vince’s party. Daddy showed up and paid respect to his son…he doesn’t like to use the term son-in-law.

There was more talk on Daddy Braxton’s part about him “taking a stand”, and no apology for it. The man still digs in his heels, putting the burden on his daughters to understand his position. Maybe if he’d been more willing to make peace and it wouldn’t have taken 16 years to get to this point? Just asking…

“Braxton Family Values” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission 

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