MasterChef: Junior Season 5 finale with Gordon Ramsay, Martha Stewart, Wolfgang Puck, Christina Tosi

Season 5 Finale Tonight! ‘MasterChef Junior’ Final Four Are Creative and Driven (VIDEO)

“MasterChef: Junior” airs its two-hour season finale tonight on Fox TV, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT and there’s goat on the menu during an elimination challenge. Why not, since the remaining four young chefs took on everything Gordon Ramsay threw at them and survived? As an example, watch Ramsay in action with Justise as she explains why she’s confident to cook goat despite never having tasted it. Sneak peek posted below.¬†

Justise, Jasmine, Shane and Adam got to the finals with a combination of skill, creativity and drive to succeed. They also were able to deal with distractions and tension, despite their tender ages. That’s why Justise could look at Ramsay in the eye and defend her decision, even in an elimination challenge.

Before the goat meat dish, there’s a chocolate molten lava cake to recreate to perfection, with the best cakemaker getting a huge advantage as the ¬†competition moves from two cooks to four. The finalists meet up with guest judges Wolfgang Puck and Martha Stewart, just to add more drama and tension.

At stake is the grand prize check for $100,000 and the title. The two left standing are tasked with preparing a three-course meal from scratch to please the judges. If you thought it was difficult to watch these young people take defeat throughout the season, get ready for tonight’s eliminations.

Who are you rooting for?

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