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‘The Vet Life’ EXCLUSIVE: Will Blossom the Rabbit’s Owners Agree To Surgery? (VIDEO)

“The Vet Life” continues its second season on Animal Planet this Saturday May 20 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. In the episode titled “California Dreamin'” the doctors at the heart of the show all want to be the one to represent their practice at a veterinarian’s conference in sunny San Diego. Who can blame them, right?

How do the medical professionals decide among them? Look no further than the way we learned as kids; that’s right, it’s a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Before one lucky vet is named the winner, there are plenty of patients to see. In the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the episode posted below, watch as Blossom the Rabbit’s owners have a big decision to make about her survival.

Now that their Texas-based veterinary practice (Cy Fair Animal Hospital) has been up and running for two years, Dr. Diarra Blue, Dr. Aubrey Ross and Dr. Michael Lavigne have established a loyal clientele filled with beloved family dogs and cats, as well as farm animals and rare exotics. In between tending to all these wonderful creatures, the three doctors are fine tuning the tricky balance of work and family life with their wives, kids at home–while lending support to each other along the way.

Their office is busy all day with patients of all species, whether they are covered with feathers, fur or anything in between. Rafiki, an adorable rainforest kinkajou, needs Dr. Ross to give him a dose of domestication before the terrible two’s hit. A cat’s potentially contagious oozing skin stumps Dr. Lavigne. Dr. Blue comes to the rescue of a Min Pin with teeth so bad his breath is worse than his bite. And feathers are flying when a hospital staffer brings her balding bird to work.

It’s just a typical week at Cy Fair Animal Hospital. You’ll be glad you took the time to tag along.

“The Vet Life”¬†is produced for Animal Planet by Glass Entertainment Group with Argle Bargle Films. For Glass Entertainment Group, Nancy Glass is the executive producer. For Argle Bargle Films, Shannon Biggs and Jairus Cobb are executive producers. For Animal Planet, Keith Hoffman is executive producer and Sarah Russell is producer.

Image/video credit: Discovery Communications/Animal Planet, used with permission 

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