Aliyah Moulden, finalist season 12 "The Voice"

‘The Voice’ Season 12: Aliyah Moulden and Chris Blue’s Singles Are Summer Ready

“The Voice” season 12 finale performance show got rocking without any established music stars on the stage. Instead, the finalists gave us original songs that have been packaged as singles with music videos ready to chart. We’re always looking for the best songs of summer, and Aliyah Moulden’s “Never be Lonely” stands ready to fill that role.

The 15 year-old is the youngest ever in the show’s history of finals and yet she’s seemingly unphased on the big stage. If you weren’t bopping around watching her fill the stage with her teen energy, you’re probably in the minority. Aliyah chose to stay in the music genre lane that suits her. That would be pop, and Gwen Stefani noted that with the new song she plopped herself right into the scene with what should get lots of airplay on radio stations everywhere.

While Aliyah’s tune is radio-ready, it’s Chris Blue’s whose original song could also propel him to win season 12 of “The Voice”. We’ve previously noted that his cover version of Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” was fitting to close out the show, as well as becoming a standalone single, but his original tune, “Money On You” should be another straight-to-radio summer hit.

Chris Blue’s voice channels Usher as well as Bruno Mars, and his movement on stage can stand up to that of to both artists. That’s saying something since Usher’s stage presence can take your breath away. He dedicated the song to his girlfriend who has faithfully supported him with her presence in the studio audience.  Check out the video posted below to see how his heart and sincerity shine through.

“The Voice” airs its season 12 finale Tuesday night May 23 at 8 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: NBCUniversal, used with permission 

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