Younan Nowzaradan, MD, "My 600 Lb. Life"

Joe’s Story on ‘My 600 Lb. Life Where Are They Now?’

“My 600 Lb. Life Where Are They Now?” presents the story of Joe, Wednesday night May 24 on TLC. Joe was so large when he first met Dr. Nowzaradan, that he had almost 200 lbs. to lose before he hit the 650 lbs. mark, and qualify for surgery.

“My 600 Lb. Life Where Are They Now?” picks up Joe’s story in year two of the patient’s weight-loss journey. When we last saw Joe, he had conquered, to a great extent his sense of shame and helplessness. Dependent on his mother and sister to feed him, Joe reached the 800 lb. level and essentially gave up.

That is, until he got the Dr. Now treatment and realized that his mother wasn’t helping him – she was hurting him. Morbidly obese in her own right she seemed completely befuddled by her son’s predicament. In other words, how could my son eating what I give him get him to the brink of death? Yikes!

When the two move to Houston to be near Dr. Nowzaradan, Joe’s mother had no insight to give him, no way to help him limit his food intake. None. As a result of that and Joe’s own ignorance about what’s on packaged food labels, he put on weight after his first visit to see the surgeon. You know how that went over, right?

Dr. Now refuses to deal with someone who won’t learn what’s necessary to save his or her own life. By the time the first year’s treatment ended, Joe finally got on his way to health, having lost more than 100 lbs. qualifying for his bypass surgery. Then came a new challenge. To have a full life, Joe decided to find love. After meeting the love of his life online, Joe was motivated to keep the weight off and eventually proposed to his girlfriend. With new responsibilities and pressures, will Joe’s life as husband and stepdad fuel a return to his eating addiction?

“My 600 Lb. Life Where Are They Now?” airs Wednesdays on TLC, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: TLC, used with permission 

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