Steve Gold, real estate agent on "Million Dollar Listing New York" season 6

Steve Gold’s Debut on ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’: Thumbs Up or Down?

“Million Dollar Listing New York” came back with its new look. Ryan Serhant has a wooly beard and new guy Steve Gold introduced us to his washboard stomach, his casual dress code and his laid back manner of working with real estate clients.

Oh yes, you can’t forget his dog/best friend who lives with him at his West Chelsea apartment. In fact, Gold let us know that he concentrates on selling property around where he lives; about 80% of his listings are downtown. Now, as for his professional abilities, we were given a good look at how he handles a difficult client.

It’s rather rare on “Million Dollar Listing New York” to see an agent be willing to walk out of a listing meeting when the client refused to budge off a selling price he or she wanted. Gold was polite about it, but ended the meeting, which of course got the client to come off the price he demanded. The owner was out-of-town and left Gold to deal with his nephew Steve and son named Steve. Three Steves in the room got a bit confusing for a moment or two.

What Gold did was concentrate on private showings but all came up dry because of the price point. Rather than the Steves letting it go, changing the price or saying goodbye to Gold, which they threatened, they demanded he spend time and money on an open house. He reluctantly agreed and the situation is in the to-be-continued pile.

Elsewhere, Ryan Serhant got his Brooklyn office up and running quickly to accommodate an investor who agreed to let him sell 100 units/homes in that borough. The catch was that he also had to sell what looked like an ante-bellum home, built in 1905 that needed, in his estimation, a couple of million dollars in renovations. Along came a developer who put in a full-asking big on the even of a marketing event.

Fredrik was in rare form, getting pressure from his boss at the real estate company to push a client to counter a low offer on a Tribeca apartment. Again, like with Gold’s client, Fredrik’s seller refused to sell for anything lower than listing price. It got him crazy, and now that his boss was involved, he got crazier. All ended well when he got the seller to agree to come down for a quick and all-cash sale.

What did you think of Steve Gold. Good addition to the show, or do you miss the fire that Luis Ortiz brought?

“Million Dollar Listing New York” airs Thursdays on Bravo TV, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT ¬† ¬†Image credit: Bravo TV, used with permission

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