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‘Better Call Saul’ Season 3 Recap: In ‘Slip’, Kim and Jimmy Are Barely Roommates Anymore

“Better Call Saul” advanced the stories of alliances and desperation in “Slip”, as we got a flashback to Slippin’ Jimmy’s life back home. The disdain for his father’s life as a man who had no regard for making an extra buck the easy way, was then played out in present time.

Jimmy McGill pulled an extortion move by staging a slip-and-fall that actually injured his back. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and for Jimmy, it was put-up time for his half of the law firm’s business expenses. When he returned to the retail location of the brothers who negotiated a freebie commercial, they refused to cooperate by fulfilling their end of the bargain.

They were swimming in customers thanks to the ad, but balked at paying the money for the others they agreed to buy. They played Jimmy’s game against him, threatening to use the one they had and merely pay for the airtime. Jimmy went all laywer on them, correctly pointing out he owned the ad, but the brothers countered by saying that they could hire the same college film crew and do it for pennies on the dollar.

Boom! Jimmy fell on the floor in front of the brothers’ customers, claiming injury and the money was his. His next scheme was to threaten the community service crew chief with litigation if he didn’t allow one of Jimmy’s fellow workers to see his child who was sick. The guy carried a wad of cash in his socks, and was willing to part with some of it if McGill could arrange for him to leave without losing the hours he already worked. As part of the bargain, Jimmy got to rest his sore back.

When he handed Kim his portion of he expenses the two were very far removed from being that sweet and loving couple, having fun and working together to advance their joint business. She barely returns to the apartment to pick up a change of clothing and Jimmy’s feeling it.

He’s become disconnected from her and the relationship. His glib answers to her questions got worse when she tried to refuse the money and keep the business afloat for a while, at least to let him rest his back. She wasn’t told how it happened, but she knows her man. He’s up to no good and she feels it. He was further belittled by her offer and now bares little resemblance to the earnest guy trying to figure out how to serve the one-year suspension from the practice of law, without crossing lines.

Chuck’s making progress  with his treatment for being a head case, but pushing so hard the doctor cautioned him to stop thinking he’ll be fine, anytime soon. He believes he’ll be back litigating in a courtroom again in no time. We got a look at his technique of focusing on objects and their colors when he faces a situation where he is uncomfortable and in pain. At the supermarket he used a mantra before entering the store, then again in the frozen food aisle.

Unfortunately for him, Howard showed up at his door to talk about a tiny problem with the firm’s malpractice insurance company. Chuck’s about to find out about the continued fallout from his botched attempt to take down his brother. Howard got more than a piece of Kim’s mind when he took her to task for her part in hurting her former employer.

She explained that it was on him for keeping Chuck’s condition from clients, who he was now scrambling to keep from leaving him. Howard’s position is that she bit the hand that fed her, taking her from the mail room to a top notch lawyer, all on the firms’s dime. When she attempted to give him the final payment for what she owed in tuition, Howard refused to take it out of pride. He might rue the day he turned down almost $15,000.

Nacho carefully filled empty medication caplets with crushed up Ibuprofen and poison, while he practiced how he would switch a bottle full of them for Don Hector’s heart meds. His flop sweat wasn’t noticeable since he purposefully damaged the air conditioning pipes in the storefront so that everyone was dripping perspiration everywhere during the money counting  exercise.

The switch took place, and now Nacho needs to sit back and wait for what will trip the wire on Hector’s condition. As Mike warned, he better be nearby and have the real medication bottle handy to put back on Hector when the inevitable occurs. Nacho’s dad doesn’t even know the danger he’s in.

Mike and Gus Fring shook hands on a partnership that will last years. After digging up the body parts of the man Hector killed, Mike called it into the police, whether out of more guilt, or just finishing off the job. Gus had asked him to let it all go. Then Fring and Mike agreed on how they can mutually benefit each other, without hearing any specifics.

Mike asked Gus to help launder the $200k in cash he has stashed at his home. We’ve already seen Gus look at the property that will become his money laundering operation. Might the money from Mike get put there with a healthy percentage off the top to Gus for the favor? No, Fring doesn’t want a fee for it. Will he take it and invest it for Mike with a return on each dollar is laundered there? Stay tuned…

“Better Call Saul” airs new episodes on Mondays on AMC, beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: AMC, used with permission 

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