Mary Padian at auction in Huntington Beach, CA on "Storage Wars"

‘Storage Wars’: Mary Padian Bullied, Run-Up By Rene, Gets Last Laugh in Huntington Beach

In the latest episode of “Storage Wars”, season 10 rolled on in Huntington Beach and Mary Padian got into it with Rene Nezhoda. This time it wasn’t just playing for the cameras. Mary was so irritated that she couldn’t stand to be near him. That only cranked up the Rene insults that he would call playful. After they never stopped and got personal it bordered on school yard bullying.

“Did she get dumped again?”, Nezhoda asked the Dotsons, when Mary got disgusted after he kept walking over to her and running his mouth. NOT a good thing to kid about, especially if it’s true.  It all began the moment she parked her car with Rene saying, “Why are you here? You’re not a real buyer?”. It continued with him going off on her height, or lack thereof. Rene said that despite using Miracle-Gro®, she couldn’t grow taller. Funny? Not to Mary.

Nezhoda retaliated when he saw the first locker and had a hunch Mary wanted it. On “Storage Wars”, the game is buy low to make profits, and despite Rene running Mary up on a locker she fancied, Padian was the big winner at the end of the episode. She paid $775 for a locker that she could have gotten for hundreds lower. There were a few other buyers bidding, but they dropped out as the price soared.

Rene got his comeuppance when he lost $500 to Darrel in a coin-clipping contest. In for a penny, in for a pound is how the old saying goes. How long could Darrell guess correctly? The answer was, as long as Rene was silly enough to put down $100 bills for each flip. Darrell didn’t buy a locker and walked away with a nice profit from gaming Rene and another bidder. Rene netted only $345 after all was said and done, thanks to his coin-flip guessing skills.

Back to Mary Padian who did find her treasures. One particular item got her to a total profit of $2,240, despite the high price of the locker. It was a slightly used but still effective electronic animation tool. The gentleman whose business evaluated it quickly drew a caricature of Mary on the screen, which delighted her. When he estimated she could get $2,000 for it, her delight quotient ramped up. Rene wasn’t on her mind after that.

“Storage Wars” airs new season shows Wednesdays on A&E beginning at 9 p.m.ET/PT  Image credit: A&E, used with permission  Miracle-Gro® is a registered trademark of the Scotts Miracle Gro Company

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