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‘Storage Wars’ Season 10: Inside Look at Mary Padian’s Vintage Treasures Business

Mary Padian says she buys lockers on “Storage Wars” when she sees things described as “treasures”. In general, Padian seeks furniture and decorative items she can rehab for sale. On her website  her slogan is: “I rummage through storage to salvage vintage”.

In the most recent episode of Storage Wars”, titled “Shave and a Haircut: Two Bids” Mary stunned the buyers in El Monte. She showed up in a dress and sky-high wedges. Dave, Renee and Ivy had a few things to say, as you might expect.

“Oh god, Mary’s all dressed up,” Renee said. “Are you quitting storage?”. When Mary explained she had a business meeting, she was asked, “What kind of business?”. Then Ivy piped up, “Are you selling dresses?” Padian had to go through a more detailed explanation, because the guys wouldn’t stop. She explained that she met with a client, one that buys Mary’s rehabbed treasures. She had to look “presentable”.

Her goal for the auction that day was to find furniture. The El Monte storage units weren’t impressive. Ivy bought one for $15,00 and made an instant profit. Rene took it off his hands for $40.00 and scored big when all was said and done. Mary bought a locker for $35.00, but she had to trudge through rotten smelling items with insects swarming around a bunch of bags and boxes.

She did it to take one chair and a vintage metal ironing board. The back of her SUV was full of boxes, and she had trouble getting the chair to fit. The ironing board she hooked on the roof, but it didn’t survive the trip back home. It may still be on the side of some California freeway.

Then we got a look at her talent for making something out of nothing. The chair was made of wood with a high back that featured rungs, like a ladder. She sawed it in half with the upper part becoming something you could use as a towel rack mounted on a wall. The bottom of the chair became a table.

The finished product was placed in her client’s home in Brentwood, California. Mary was mighty pleased and announced that she charged $100 for the furniture and her labor. Was anyone else surprised that she didn’t charge more? Nonetheless, it was a great look at how the merchandise taken from the lockers gets put into the hands of Mary’s customer. She’s not spending her days minding a thrift store.

“Storage Wars” season 10 airs on TLC Wednesdays beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: Mary Padian photograph for personalization and sale on 

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1 thought on “‘Storage Wars’ Season 10: Inside Look at Mary Padian’s Vintage Treasures Business

  1. I have more potential inventory in my living room than she has on her whole website. Add to that much of the stuff is listed as “out of stock.” This seems more like a PR gambit for the show than a true business. I presume her real living comes from the salary she’s paid by the production company for her appearances on “Storage Wars.”

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