David Norton on "Married At First Sight: Second Chances"

‘Married at First Sight: Second Chances’: Melika Can’t Name What She Likes About David

UPDATED: Recap of next show. Melika rejects David yet hears “I love you”.

“Married at First Sight: Second Chances” presented David Norton and Vanessa Nelson’s top four in the episode, “The Hot Seat and the Cold Truth”. David took his four ladies out on a double date with his besties. Vanessa chose to have her men get together with her sister Kenya and her friend Danielle.

David’s still hanging in there with Isabella and Melika, two women who his best friends wondered about. Isabella got diarrhea of the mouth about her ex-boyfriend on the date. She ended by saying she “thinks” she’s still up for a serious relationship with David. Say what? David suffered through the discussion, but brightened when he thought there was hope. His friends warned him to be careful. That is still leaving aside the issue of her wanting to go abroad for a year and hold off having a family for 5-6 years.

The woman who moves the meter “Married at First Sight: Second Chances” is Melika and her date with David’s friends was almost more awkward than Isabella’s. Her long pause before being able to name one thing she likes best about David was a mirror image of how David’s ex-wife acted during his season on MAFS. Producers got the clip of sad David watching his wife look at notes and still be unable to say what she liked.

Melika did the same during a pause that seemed like hours. David actually broke the silence by asking: “Do you like me?”. When she got asked what his best quality is, she paused again, but finally croaked out something: “He’s just like very nice and genuine, too nice and too genuine. I never met anyone so open and honest.” She then went into the Maya return and she praised him for giving her a chance.

David was relieved, thanking her for the compliment and then went off on some tangent about not trusting first impressions any longer and trusting this process. Huh? But the last bit of discussion was the saddest, in our opinion. Asked what would happen if David chose her, Melika said, again, hesitantly “I mean, I definitely could see a future with you.” David thought he hit the jackpot.

Here’s the question: Why does David stand for Melika’s lack of enthusiasm? He’s got Salem and Tara being open about how they feel, yet seems like without Melika’s approval he’s miserable. He takes crumbs from her – mere crumbs. We fear that Tara or Salem are going to bite the dust next and David will be left with Isabella and Melika. Thoughts?

Married at First Sight: Second Chances” airs Thursdays on Lifetime, immediately following the latest episode of “Married At First Sight”.  Image credit: Lifetime, used with permission 

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8 thoughts on “‘Married at First Sight: Second Chances’: Melika Can’t Name What She Likes About David

  1. David, I get what you might see in Melika but seriously, David. Can’t you see the blonde is crazy for you? No high maintenance, no putting herself before you. Melika is high maintenance. But, by now you are already married so comments don’t count. Best to you.

  2. David, you always talk about how they make you feel….. sorry, but they can always make you feel different later….marriage isn’t about making anyone’s day by making them feel good about themselves…. you still don’t get it… You sent home girls that would have been better for you but hey, you are so star struck by NOTHING.

  3. It’s legit embarrassing how David is fondling over two women who don’t care about him. Salem and Tara are the only ones who seem to care. I hope Tara wins and that the other two kick rocks

  4. I love watching “Married At First: Second Chance”, but I’m starting to think “David”, has no balls. Can’t he see Melika is making an ass of him. I don’t think he knows what he wants. He doesn’t listen to the advice given to him. I think that if he brings back Melika, all the other LADIES should kick him to the curve because he is not being fair to them. Melika reminds me of his first wife. I was so impressed with her I can remember her name. So I say to David Norton get your balls on the right track.

  5. This is so sad!!! David you need therapy before a relationship, you are drawn to women who treat you like crap. It feels more “real” to you only because you lack self worth! You lose interest when there is not a chase but marriage is not about a chase it is about a partnership. Can you not see that you are basing your choices on physical attraction and not who would actually make a good wife? Look at what you have to offer and look for the same. You are not hot and edgy, you are considerate and kind of dorky but also a people person.. every girl who was similar to you, you blow off. what a shame! If you pick Mileka or Isabella it will not last, it’s so painfully obvious it worries me that you can’t see it.

  6. I’m really hoping that David picked Tara. She is the most mature and prettiest girl there. Malika is playing him for a complete fool and I hope it’s editing that makes it look like he is more seriously infatuated with her than the others. She really bothers me because she acts like she can’t stand him. He deserves better.

  7. Oh Dear Lord, David! Melisa is bland, boring and has such an annoying voice. She’s playing you for a fool. All the other women tried to warn you about what she has been saying. I think Tara is such an amazing person and would be a great wife for you. I sure hope you were able to go back and watch all the episodes and see what kind of person Melika is.

  8. David certainly makes poor choices. He should take his mother’s advice. Melika ALWAYS looks like she just sucked on a lemon. She never smiles, always looks miserable. Dr. Pepper suggested that the more someone pushes David away the more he wants them, she certainly is right. Melika’s parents refused to even meet David and when he told her he loved her she had that lemon-sucking face on. David, mother knows best.

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