Jack Wagner in "Wedding March 2" on Hallmark Channel

Olivia and Mick Try A Different Approach on Hallmark’s ‘Wedding March 2: Resorting to Love’ (VIDEO)

“Wedding March 2: Resorting to Love” reunites one of Hallmark’s most popular couples. Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett play Mick Turner and Olivia Parsons, two people who couldn’t make it the first time around. Maybe they’re better at being business partners?

That’s the premise of Hallmark’s June Weddings event of the week, airing Saturday night June 17 at 9 p.m. As fans of the first installment know, Mick and Olivia found each other in a surprise reunion. The college sweethearts had gone their separate ways for a long time.¬†“Wedding March 2: Resorting to Love” picks up a few months after they met again.

Mick’s got a struggling business, Willow Lake Inn, and is stumped about how to reinvigorate the place. Olivia decided to up and relocate, specifically for that purpose. The only thing is, she failed to tell Mick. What’s a guy to think? Well, if you’re Mick, you have a hunch it’s about rekindling their love. Cue the disappointment and embarrassment when he’s told that it’s Willow Lake Inn that spurred her move.

This is the June Weddings month on Hallmark Channel, so it isn’t surprising that Olivia’s idea for the Inn is to make it a destination wedding venue. Naturally, their styles clash when it comes to making decisions and getting the work done. Once the place has booked its first wedding, there is a bit of chaos when additions to the arrangement keep getting made as the wedding date nears.

Somehow, Olivia and Mick turn their attention to their personal relationship amid the craziness. Can they work and play together? Tune in Saturday night June 17 at 9 p.m. to find out!

Image/video credit: Crownmedia US, used with permission 

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