Mark Margolis as Hector "Tio" Salamanca "Better Call Saul"

Get Scoop On ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 3 Finale On After-Show ‘Talking Saul’ (SNEAK PEEK)

“Talking Saul” follows the season 3 finale of “Better Call Saul” tonight, to answer any and all questions. There are sure to be plenty after the episode “Lantern” airs Monday night June 19 on AMC.

In the sneak peek posted below, you get the overview of the three main issues to be addressed. Jimmy and Kim’s scenes after her major car accident leads off, with a Howard – Chuck face off over the firm, and finally there’s the fate of Don Hector and Nacho.

“Better Call Saul” has taken us to the brink of the man known as Jimmy McGill, tripping over into the identity of Saul Goodman. It’s occurred quickly as the season progressed, brought on by the soul crushing legal fight between brothers Jimmy and Chuck McGill. As written in last week’s recap, the men are going in for the kill, but it’s the collateral damage to people in their lives that makes it so much worse.

“Talking Saul” the after-show on AMC  hosted by Chris Hardwick typically hosts the exec producers and a star or two. There will be plenty of clips with explanations of the details, but there’s always more. Hardwick and creator Vince Gilligan love to rate the social media interpretation of the clues they plant throughout the series.

This scene in the video clip below is sure to get a lot of attention about how the insistence of Don Hector to overtake the upholstery business of Nacho’s dad led to what ultimately becomes the cartel distributor’s fate.

“Better Call Saul” airs its season 3 finale, Monday night June 19 on AMC, beginning at 10, with “Talking Saul” immediately following. Image/video credit: AMC, used with permission 

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