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‘Good Witch’ Season 3: Unhappy Ending For Abigail, Sam and Cassie As Predicted In Painting?

Updated: EXCLUSIVE preview of next episode. Who’s NOT getting married? 

“Good Witch” Season 3 has two more episodes left, and at the conclusion of the most recent show, “Somewhat Surprising”, there were signs that Cassie, as well as Abigail, may be in for unsettling changes. Things feel out of sorts, and not in a good way. The episode began with all the earmarks of a typical “Good Witch” installment. There were nagging issues to be resolved, a few surprises and fun things to plan.

Grace, with help from Cassie and Abigail finally ended the war between Noah and Nick, and she promptly got an offer of a date from Nick. There was that magical “get” when Cassie somehow found the steering wheel from Sam’s first car, the love of his life from 30 years ago. It was her gift to commemorate the anniversary of his move from New York to Middleton. It wasn’t just a replica, or one from some other fabulous 1967 Camaro – it was Sam’s, with his name carved on the back side of it.

But there were ominous tones both in the episode and in the sneak peek scenes of the final two episodes of the “Good Witch” season. For example, Abigail’s long-lost father seems to be alive, well and ready to come back into her life. After discovering her dad’s trench coat buried in some clothing boxes at Grey House, she told the story of how he disappeared from her life.

He traveled abroad quite a bit, but would send bring home a gift to show he was thinking of her whenever he returned. One day when she was a little girl, he never came back from a trip to London. She used to wear the trench coat around just to feel like he was still in her life. When a mysterious man who claimed he worked for the USPS delivered a package supposedly lost for 20 years, Abigail was stunned to find a snow globe from London.

When the man left Abigail’s shop, he spoke on the phone to someone who we’re led to believe is Abigail’s dad. “No, she didn’t say much, but she seemed very happy to receive it,” the man told her father. Can this be anything but a fabulous and happy reunion? Got a feeling this may be more complicated than we might expect.

Then there were the hints of trouble in paradise for the happy couple of Sam and Cassie.  If you recall the painter who stayed at Grey House, you must remember that the art work he gifted Cassie had troubled faces in it. Grace and Nick looked as if they had argued. Sam and Cassie sat on a bench looking straight ahead without smiling and with hands near each other but not touching.

In the sneak peeks of the season’s final two episodes, Sam is heard saying to Cassie, “When were you planning on telling me?, as the voice-over mentions that there’s “…one thing that can come between Cassie and Sam.”

So #Goodies, what’s your guess about how the season wraps up the Abigail-Daddy and Sam & Cassie relationships? Did the painter know best or is there magic enough to keep clouds away?

“Good Witch” airs Sundays on Hallmark Channel, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: Crownmedia US, used with permission 

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7 thoughts on “‘Good Witch’ Season 3: Unhappy Ending For Abigail, Sam and Cassie As Predicted In Painting?

  1. Only guessing here:
    Cassie may or may not have been told of Sam saying to his friend that he was never going to remarry. Or Sam has something going on himself.

    Abigail will be wondering about her Dad and if he is still alive. Will she pursue trying to find him? Or did she brew something up to upset Sam and Cassie? The plot thickens.

  2. Sam doesn’t want to get get married again, that will cause trouble for them.
    Every time they show the sneek peak of an episode they deliberately mix up things, sometimes the dialogue we hear doesn’t match with the picture we see, it’s hard to guess what’s happening. Because of that, i’m not sure Sam was talking to Cassie in the video, i think he was talking to his sister.

  3. I don’t think Abigail is Cassie’s daughter. Too close in age. But, we do not know if Cassie & Sam have slept together yet (its never been disclosed). If they have, could Cassie be pregnant with Sam’s child? If she is, could Sam not want another child?

  4. Hope for a happy ending,Cassy @ Dr Sam need to be together, hope noone dies this time, with all stuff on TV this is my favorite show, I need it to be a happy ending for all of them. Please.

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