James Denton as Sam on "Good Witch" season 3. Episode titled "Not Getting Married Today", Part 1

‘Good Witch’ Season 3 EXCLUSIVE: Who’s NOT Getting Married Today? (SNEAK PEEK)

Updated: Part 2 recap: Cassie had to let go of magic to get happy ending. 

“Good Witch” presents, “I’m Not Getting Married Today” Part 1, Sunday night June 25 on Hallmark Channel. Who’s supposed to get married? It’s Michael, son of Middleton Mayor Martha Tinsdale, and if you think she’s usually a bit over-the-top, strap in for this one.

In the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek, Martha presents her ideas for the wedding cake. Cassie’s there and the two tangle just a teeny bit about what might be appropriate for the occasion. Martha is MomZilla!  Oh yes, and she’s not happy about getting brought back to earth, although as usual, she believes that Cassie knows best.

Other stories in the episode concern the arrival of Sam’s sister Joanne. He notices she’s not exactly herself and of course we’ll learn all about it. Cassie finds a ten year-old girl around Grey House who is hiding from her adoptive parents, so you know there are lessons coming from one Cassie Nightingale.

With this being the penultimate show of season 3 we’re down to the final chances for something, anything, to spark a realization on the part of Sam that he should put a ring on Cassie’s finger. While we know she’s a patient woman and she’s totally in love with Sam, we also know that Cassie and Sam are destined to be together. There’s that issue about Sam saying he’d never marry again, but he hadn’t been part of the Middleton magic at that point.

“Good Witch” does have a lurking issue that came to light a few episodes ago. The artist that stayed at Grey House and banged out paintings with the Middleton residents striking poses that had yet to occur, but did not too long after. The final one was of Cassie, Sam, Abigail, Nick and Grace and none of them looked happy.

While we’ve yet to see any evidence of it, fans of the show understand that it will have to be addressed before the end of this season.

“Good Witch” will air its season finale on Hallmark Channel, Sunday night June 25 at 9 p.m. ET    Image/video credit: Crownmedia US  

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