Melika on "Married at First Sight: Second Chances", a romantic partner of David Norton

‘Married at First Sight: Second Chances’: David Norton Says ‘I Love You’ After Melika Rejection

Updated: RECAP Cody’s epic fail on Milwaukee weekend, Danielle ready to scream.

Get ready for David Norton and Vanessa Nelson to live with each of their final two choices for one week as “Married at First Sight: Second Chances” wraps up its season on Lifetime. Anyone find that uncomfortable? Of course, it’s up to the people involved whether or not they want to make it intimate and to what degree.

As for David, he broke up with Salem at the beginning of the episode, and she was none too happy. He gave her the standard line about it not clicking with them, that they hadn’t grown into enough of a feeling for her to stay in the race. Salem looked at him like he had two heads. As others have noted, that might be true for David, but Salem had built up enough feelings for him to be in it for the long haul.

Let’s get to the family meet-ups.

David’s Mom : She loved Tara and chose her as the best fit for him after meeting Melika and Isabella. David got his back up, with a stink face because his mom predicted trouble with Melika.

Tara’s family: Her mom gushed over David, but did warn him about hurting her little girl. She told David that Tara was pretty much over-the-moon about him. No pressure or anything, right?

Melika’s family: Only a good, male friend showed up. We learned that Melika is of Middle Eastern descent and her parents would not have come even if she asked them. She didn’t. Her friend asked very pointed questions of David in a protective way. When asked how he feels about Melika compared to the others, David went all-in. “If today was decision day, it would be you,” he said to Melika who gave him a blank stare and stammered without knowing how respond.

She went on and on about her being uncomfortable, and those feelings being very private. There they were at a restaurant with cameras and lights and Melika chose that time to realize that things were getting serious. David was gut-punched. He went back to the previous week when Melika met with his friends and said she could see a future with David if she were the one chosen. Melika’s friend said he saw David and her as friends, not ending up in a romantic situation.

Isabella’s family:  She was the only one who had both a dad, mom and a sibling along for the meeting. Her parents put the screws to their own daughter when David left the table to go to the rest room. They made her ask him how she stacked up against Melika and Tara. He was not prepared and he hesitated. After a few platitudes he went to his go-to line, “No one’s ever made me feel this way”, which could mean anything, as we know.

David’s choices:

There was only time for David to go to Melika’s home to tell her that despite what occurred at the restaurant, she was one of his choices for a live-in week. She recoiled in horror, having only said on camera to us that she “hoped” she could move forward to show David she has feelings for him, and be more open. Living together, however, was non-negotiable. If her parents weren’t asked to come to the dinner, you couldn’t have been surprised that Melika was unprepared to live with David as a try-out, so to speak.

He fell over himself, trying to explain that he wouldn’t sleep in the bed with her. He would sleep in another room or on the couch, he promised, but Melika was the stone-faced, woman of few words that we’ve seen throughout this process. “I know you can’t possibly understand it, but this is not okay,” she told him.

Then he went in for the kill: “I love you”, he told her. It was the ultimate shake your head moment. As we learned on the show, David holds on tight and when he fears something slipping away he holds tighter, which is a turnoff. Just for a moment, let’s ponder how a man can love a woman like Melika after getting virtually nothing in return? Is it her looks? Is it the fact that she give him coy smiles and a few words that he interprets the way he chooses?

Give us your thoughts on this strange turn of events. If Melika says no and means it, that means, by default, Tara and Isabella are his choices. How’s that gonna’ feel if you’re one of those women?

‘Married at First Sight: Second Chances’ airs Thursday on Lifetime, immediately following the newest episode of “Married at First Sight” season 5. Image credit: Lifetime, used with permission 

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31 thoughts on “‘Married at First Sight: Second Chances’: David Norton Says ‘I Love You’ After Melika Rejection

  1. I don’t think David is naive or vulnerable here. Recall from MAFS he secretly met another woman for drinks though he denied until some time later that it was a date…while he was still married to Ashley. I also don’t see a lot of denial from Melika in her twitter posts. Maybe they are more into each other when the cameras aren’t rolling. I agree the other women would be better served just moving on. Plenty of fish in the sea.

  2. David is a really ignorant man. He is basing his decision solely on his sexual desire for these women. Malika has never had any feelings for him and you can tell by the way she looks at him the way she talks around him she has no emotion at all. He is ridiculous.

  3. I agree with the previous comments! Malika is not interested or even love David. Tara or Isabella are ideal companions for David! I remember Ashley—I knew that was not going to work and he tried all he could to convince his love for her! Malika does not care anything about David. I hope David’s Mom will help him see the light!

  4. Malika was giving her friend more intimate looks than she ever has David. I don’t believe there’s anything going on with her friend other than she’s let him in on a secret (like how stupid David is and she can’t believe he doesn’t see it). Her looks were almost like “what did I tell you?” And “can you believe this guy”.

  5. Tara is the only one who really seems in love with David but the dolt just doesn’t feel the same….Its too bad she seems like a great gal /catch

  6. Run as fast as you can David! I have not seen one spark between David and Malika. What in the world does he see in her? She has been nothing but stone cold, stone faced, no emotion what so ever. Choosing her would be another Ashley situation. And I feel bad for Tara and Isabella! If David came to his senses in the end and gave Malika the boot and chose either Tara or Isabella and they are now seeing these final episodes where David professes his love and tells Malika she is the one….what the hell! Tara and Isabella…..RUNNNNN

  7. What does David say to Tara or Isabella, if they are “selected”, after what he says to Malika … I’m sorry David I don’t see this working out for you in the end … I wanted Tara to “win” but good lord she’s too good for him

  8. Seriously, what is wrong with you David??? Melika wreaks of your first wife! She is so disinterested it’s hilarious. The whole flat affect, monotone voice….does this not put terror in your heart? The only time I’ve seen her smile is when she kept having that smirk on her face at everything you said the night her family didn’t show for dinner. She certainly gives mixed signals, lame ones at that! Pull your head out and pick the woman who shows some enthusiasm
    For your relationship!

  9. I won’t be spelling her name at all. To me, she just seems like a cold, heartless woman simply playing a cat and mouse game with David…imagining she was coming across as such a highly desired woman, rather than the *itch that we all saw. It was about the control and power she felt, and maybe the airtime.
    As far as David, get a clue dude. I mean seriously. This guy doesn’t need to be with anyone. If he is so self absorbed that he can’t recognize and read body language and tone of voice – he’s NOT ready to be with anyone. It is painful to watch this guy.
    I get the feeling David is one of those people who will perpetually be feeling the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, rather than enjoying his own beautiful, lush yard, you know? No woman deserves that!

  10. Terrific insight from others on this situation between David and Melika. She is clearly NOT and never has been into this guy and he is utterly tone deaf to the reality. She is so much like Ashley from the first time around for him, that he should have learned from that situation, and the SHOW should have taken lots of time to prepare him for a better outcome. They wasted millions upon millions of dollars on this guy and he’ll still not be a winner. What a sad, sad situation. Dr. Pepper and Pastor Calvin and the other woman should have spent months working with this guy’s emotional problems and helped him BEFORE turning him loose with a flock of females all playing games.

  11. It’s obvious to everyone but David that Melika is not into him. Just because he wants it to be true doesn’t mean it is. OPEN YOUR EYES DUDE!! He had so many chances to pick a decent woman but he wants Melika even though she clearly is playing games with his heart. I hope the other 2 ladies run as fast as they can. David needs therapy today help him before he can be with anyone

  12. David is dumb. Melika could care less about him and Isabella is still hooked on her ex-boyfriend. Tara is perfect for him and a sweetheart, but he is too stupid to see it. He doesn’t want a wife, but someone who is hard to get.

  13. I agree with everyone else on this. Tara seemed like the best choice for him. His mother was right. But with his level of insight I’m not sure he is ready for any relationship

  14. David. I just don’t know what to say about him. He needs to get his head out if his pants and listen to the advice of others. If you don’t want to hear what they think “DON’T ASK”. We all know he already has his mind made up. I feel for the others, they don’t have a chance. WHY THEY KEEP TRYING, WE JUST DON’T KNOW. Good luck David. You make me. think twice about keep watching the show

  15. Woah – never seen a guy act more thirsty in my life. Terribly pathetic. Or he may just be a bit slow. Thanks for the weekly laughs you fool!

  16. David is the kind of guy that finishes last all the time and never catches the fish. They always end up with a crab in the bucket. He is better served as a priest or eunuch.

  17. David just doesn’t get it, Malika just is not that into him. Tara would be the best choice but he wants what he cant have. He does seem slow to me.

  18. David , run as fast as u can Malika is the exact same as ur ex. What is wrong with u. It’s like ur a gluten for punishment. Malika just wanted to be on tv, get it. And Isabelle with the loofa. U just told her u didn’t see it. She keeps bringing up why u didn’t pick it up, and you continue to tell her u didn’t see it. What part of that doesn’t she get. It was an accident. I hope u don’t really piss her off, or lock your door. Tara actually loved u, ur a fool, u don’t deserve her.

  19. David believe HS on Born This Way instead if MAFSSC!!! What an idiot!!! He should have been focusing on Tara and the other girls. Melika never showed any interest at all and he was spelled by her for some reason. She’s been a sourpuss the entire time. He definitely had some crazies to choose from, but there were nice girls too. He still doesn’t know what he wants!!! He’s told almost every single one of them “if I had to choose today, it would be you”!! Idiot much!??! I sure wouldn’t want to marry him!!! Especially after this all airs and the other women see just how shallow he is!!! He chooses Melika, she dumps his ass, so then he decides to try the other two after professing his love to Melika!??!?! He’s on crack!!! Rack up those divorces David! Grow up, and try it again in a few years. You’re not ready.

  20. All of the comments ring true (except for the tasteless last one re; Born this Way…shame on you!) I’m sure David’s ego has been inflated to have started this show and seen so many women interested in him. It screwed up his chance of finding someone real as he didn’t have realistic expectations. He obviously has a taste for dark haired brunettes, and has been letting little David do the choosing. I feel bad for Tara when she finds out that she wasn’t even in the running.

  21. what a idiot jackass tara you are better off without that jerk maybe he is gay and likes men instead of beautiful gals my choice would have been tara what a fool david you destroid and hurt her bad get your head out of your butt dude grow up little boy jack wad

  22. David Norton YOUR A BIG ^*!# HEAD Ignorant , self centered, down right CRUEL you used these poor women for what to get some kind of excitement you desire ??? You DESERVE TO BE ALONE !!!

  23. David is a douche bag! I saw that day 3 when Melika kept dissing him and he still was all in her butt. After watching “The Truth Comes Out” tonight it’s apparent that not only is he a douche bag, but also a compulsive liar… that crap he pulled on Tara he should be doomed to never finding love. I can’t believe I liked him after his first marriage, and I can’t remember what his occupation is but he could really be a great actor. Seems to me like he just wanted to be on TV. #DavidTheDoucheBag

  24. David is a liar and an ego maniac. He has crazy anger and control issues.
    He puts on a fake smile that hides huge out of control anger issues. He hates being confronted and is afraid for being exposed.
    He seriously can become a serial killer if he isn’t already. Gets off on fame and exposure as an actor. Beware the real david.
    No woman can be safe around him

  25. Now I want to say something to all the David haters…He was in an award situation. Most men may date two or three women at an extended time, but usually the women don’t know it, and don’t see each other during the dates… I watched Melika and Callie engage in back stabbing the other women, particularly Maya…But David didn’t see it. David wasn’t making choices, Callie and Melika made the choices for him, creating drama right from the start. Jordan tried to warn him…But he wouldn’t listen. He should have dumped Melika and Callie right at the start!

  26. David has proven that he has no idea what love is. I hope he spends at least 10 years getting to know himself and what it means to love a woman. If you only look at the sexual desire for a woman you could end up in a very unhappy marriage. Get to know God and yourself first David.

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