Jerry Ferrara as Joe Proctor, Omari Hardwick as Ghost in "Power" season 4 premiere "When I Get Out"

‘Power’ Season 4 Premiere Video Preview: Ghost Wants Bail, Angela Wants Revenge

“Power” on STARZ is ready to begin its fourth season, Sunday night June 25, but there is a way to watch it before the broadcast date. At 12:01 a.m. the premiere episode, “When I Get Out”, can be viewed On Demand as well as on the Starz app. No matter when you watch, you’ll find the characters scrambling in their own unique ways.

James St. Patrick a/k/a Ghost is in custody, having been cuffed and taken in by ex-lover Angela. She did it in the most public and humiliating way at a big nightclub gala evening with St. Patrick’s club partners in attendance. Who’s left to turn to but estranged wife Tasha? She is none too thrilled about Ghost’s situation. In the first sneak peek below, you can hear the disgust when Ghost tries to suck up.

“Power” spent three seasons building the drama of the Angela-Ghost relationship. Of course she always called him Jamie, not knowing initially he was the cartel drug distributor she and FBI cohorts were hunting. They played a complicated cat-and-mouse game to protect themselves from lying to each other, but Angela crossed many lines to have the torrid affair with her Jamie. When she finally got fed up, after feeling betrayed by him, she went at it in the harshest way possible. In the next video preview clip below, Angela’s complicity is thrown in her face, by someone who knows she’s in no position to object.

Then there’s the business ramifications of all the arrest drama, sitting squarely on the shoulders of Ghost’s young protegé Dre. He gets a visit from Tommy, who unbeknownst to Ghost was ready to betray him too. Tommy is now head of the cartel distribution business and was ready to put the product into Ghost’s clubs despite his disapproval. Dre informs Tommy of the arrest, but Tommy’s more interested in Tariq, Ghost and Tasha’s son, kidnapped by Kanan and sister Jukebox. It’s a cluster bomb of the first order.

Get set to be amazed!

“Power” Season 4 begins Sunday night June 25 on STARZ, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: STARZ, used with permission 

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