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‘Power’ Recap ‘When I Get Out’: Everyone’s Lying, Except Ghost!

“Power” on STARZ kicked off-season 4 with an episode that picked up immediately after the arrest of James St. Patrick a/k/a Ghost that ended the previous season. All the moving parts were still spinning and they landed all over the place.

In “When I Get Out”, the expectation of getting bail for St. Patrick was squashed when a judge remanded him to custody without it. It crushed souls from Tasha and the kids to the prisoner himself. In for killing a federal officer, he got a taste of the guards’ wrath when he was sent back to the federal jail cell. The episode ended with the sounds of him getting a beating. As mentioned previously, Angela will rue the day she arrested her former lover for the only crime he didn’t commit in three seasons of “Power”.

In “Power”, alliances mean everything, but sometimes they have to bend to accommodate immediate needs. Dre was now the defacto head of the nightclub business and he had to keep investors from running away. His other job was to keep an eye on Tariq, who as far as Dre knew was being held by Kanan and his sister for ransom. He wasn’t in on the plot to kill the teen and when Tasha got the photo of her son from someone called “Slim”, Kanan’s cover name with Tariq, Dre went straight for Kanan’s place.

Dre informed him and Jukebox that with Ghost in jail there was no money to be gotten since it would be used for bail. He also mentioned that once Tasha got the photo, Tommy was involved and knowing his penchant to lash out, it wouldn’t be in anyone’s interest to face that. None of that impressed the brother-sister crime combo, who asked for money each week from the club’s revenue to give the boy up. Dre had no choice but watch for him siphoning dough out of the business to come back at some point.

Dre lied to Tommy when he got Tariq back home. Kanan’s holding the life of Dre’s child over his head to keep him quiet. No one is aware that Kanan is alive. Dre and Tariq told a story about him falling asleep at a friend’s house and them sending the photo to scare Tasha, who demanded to know who this “Slim” is. Tommy put the screws to Dre about it and he lied as well. We all know that will not end well when the truth comes out.

The other bad news for Dre was Tommy forcing him to hire back a waitress who would act as the sales person, so to speak, at the nightclub. Yes, Dre learned that despite what Ghost thought he’d done, the drug business was back into his legitimate business.

Meanwhile, Angela managed to not only tick off everyone around her, including colleagues and Tasha, but also get booted off the prosecution team. There are too many conflicts in the case and she might have to testify as a witness. She slept with both Knox and St. Patrick and her colleagues are happy about her demotion. They didn’t have long to gloat since a new prosecutor from a different U.S. Attorney’s office has taken control of the case.

Mike’s keeping quiet, as one should when they believe they’ve gotten away with murder. St. Patrick’s fingerprints on the outside of the window at Greg Knox’ apartment and the deceased’s DNA under St. Patrick’s fingernails have him in the clear for now.

On the drug business side, with Milan dead Tommy’s in charge with his right hand guy Julio as the “distro”. They still report to the Serbs, just without Milan in the middle. He had to calm everyone’s nerves about Ghost, vouching for his former partner as someone who wouldn’t be stupid enough to kill a federal officer. That’s the story Tasha’s telling her kids and everyone she knows, including LaKeisha.

Yes, her missing bestie is back, despite our suspicion that Tommy killed her. Egan had hidden her from Milan and everyone else until he and Ghost killed the Serb drug kingpin. Tasha’s world was spinning, but when LaKeisha showed up she had some sense of balance again. What wasn’t plausible, at least to this viewer was the ease with which she accepted LaKeisha’s lies about what occurred.

Perhaps it was because the feds came in with a search warrant, with Angela leading the way, and tossed the St. Patrick apartment upside down. The two women came nose-to-nose, but no there was no violence. The worst of it was when Tasha looked for “clean” money for the bail hearing. she found the safe empty. Ghost actually left an “I’m sorry, I’ll put it back” note for Tasha who was about out of her mind at that point.

Ghost and Tommy had to cough that up to Milan, but now it was Tommy’s job to get it back from the Serbs. Good old Tasha was able to come up with the reason it made sense for them and it worked. As if she weren’t humiliated and scared enough, Tasha found that extraordinary diamond necklace St. Patrick purchased for Angela and nailed him with it when she visited him the next day. He refrained from saying what Tasha already knew, that it hadn’t been a gift for his wife, as he told her to inform Tommy about getting the money back from the Serbs.

So, let’s see where this leaves us. Tommy will have to go back to the Serbs and try to calm them after Ghost was denied bail. Kanan’s plans to hurt Ghost using Tariq have taken a different turn. Angela’s got to salvage, if she can, her reputation at her office. Dre is lying to everyone, has a drug runner at the club, and must keep investors, Tommy and Kanan happy.

How did you enjoy the episode?

“Power” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on STARZ. Image credit: STARZ, used with permission 

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