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‘Power’ Recap: In ‘Things Are Going To Get Worse’, Death Penalty or Snitch on Tommy For Ghost (VIDEOS)

Season 4 episode 2 of “Power” opened after Ghost absorbed the beating handed out by prison guards; his situation only got worse, as the title of the episode suggests. He’s not the only one that saw things go downhill. Everyone close to him had a bad hair day or two.

Angela learned that she will not be kept in the loop on case strategy, despite the promises of new lead prosecutor John Mak. Behind closed doors he informed the team that if Ms. Valdes has to lose her license to practice law to help them put away Ghost, she’ll have to take one for the team.

That wasn’t the only shock for Angela. When she learned that Mak got approval for the death penalty as one possible outcome for St. Patrick, should he be convicted, the blood drained from her face. Gee, poor Angie!

She’s still taking delight in putting the screws to Tasha who is standing by her man, believing he didn’t commit the crime. Valdes spit venom while explaining that Ghost’s fingerprints were found at the Knox murder scene and so was his DNA.

Tommy’s of the same opinion as Tasha but they are the only two. Kanan a/k/a “Slim” told Tariq to ignore his mother’s statements about his dad being innocent. That only helped to bind the teen closer to Special K. The boy is getting savvier by the day. He knew enough to keep that close to the vest, even from his parents. We’ve already seen him looking up to Kanan, thinking he’ll be a gangsta’ in training. It only ramps that up in his mind by seeing his father toughing it out in jail during the family’s first prison visit.  Ghost choked back emotion as you can see from the video clip posted below.

Ghost’s got trouble in prison besides the guards. He was threatened by a fellow inmate who got told to cut it out by Tony, the prisoner whose wife is dying of cancer. He’d already turned down an offer to cooperate with authorities. Tony’s payoff, besides getting out of prison would be the money necessary to pay for special treatment that could extend his wife’s life. After the wife visited and he saw the pain in her eyes he changed his mind.

Meanwhile Mike Sandoval, the Lobos case mole and Greg Knox’s murderer planted the murder weapon at St. Patrick’s club during a search. That’s going to be difficult for Proctor to get around when added to the DNA and the fingerprints. Good old Proctor went out to plead his case in the media, playing the race card and got away with it when the judge refused to issue a gag order.

Then there’s Tommy’s latest aggravation. One of his primeras, Cristobal refused to pick up his usual package, shopping his business around with Tommy’s competition. Julio had to keep T from going out and acting as if he was still the distro/enforcer, but got the stray back into the corral for now. Unfortunately Julio’s right-hand guy got a black eye during a little skirmish with one of Cristobal’s crew and T went a bit crazy when he learned that Julio didn’t make it right.

Tommy finally made his move on LaKeisha, getting a little somethin’ from her both in the bedroom and at the shop where he will continue to launder his drug money. T’s other problem is Mak trying to build the case about him being the character they know as “Ghost”. Angela reminded everyone that Mrs. Egan, Tommy’s mother gave him an alibi, but offered to keep sniffing around, correctly guessing that Tommy was taking full advantage of St. Patrick’s incarceration to take over the drug trade.

When Tommy learned from Proctor that his freedom is tied to that of Ghost, he had to consider laying low on the drug side. The problem, as we all know, is that with competitors ready to take over his territory, any interruption in supply will take his whole enterprise down. When St. Patrick realized he might have to flip on Tommy to keep out of a drug trafficking charge, he refused to consider it. He went further, calling Tommy to let him know about the death penalty and asked that he take care of his family. Tommy knew it was a cry for help about much more than that, so the wheels began to turn.

Dre rebounded nicely after learning that he would be forced to distribute Tommy’s product at the club. A neat way of getting it to the customers was devised. When a customer orders two bottles, only one is delivered, but two are rung up. Instead of a second bottle, pills are delivered in a custom matchbox. Unfortunately, Tariq learned Kanan’s name from his mom, who is still sniffing around for the real identity of Slim. When the boy asked Kanan about it, he was told that the person was dead. Special K presumed Dre mentioned it to Tariq and threatened Dre over it.

“Power” airs on STARZ Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT  and On-Demand beginning at 12:01 Sundays.   Image/videos credit: STARZ, used with permission

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