James Denton, Sam Radford on Hallmark Channel's "Good Witch" Season 3, "Not Getting Married Today, Part 2"

RECAP ‘Good Witch’ Season 3 Finale: Cassie Let Go of Magic To Get Her Happy Ending (VIDEO)

“Good Witch” ended season 3 with the happy ending we all hoped for, but had somehow wondered about. “Not Getting Married Today, Part 2” did end with a wedding. After telling their respective mothers to cut out all the big plans, and calling off the ceremony two days prior to the occasion, Michael and Vanessa changed their minds.

As usual, Cassie was able to point all in the right direction when she heard of the cancellation. Everyone ended up at the footbridge, including the engaged couple. It was there that the simplicity of Middleton impressed them, giving them the strength to declare what they wanted. A simple civil ceremony at City Hall, officiated by the mayor, of course, with some flowers and the townspeople in attendance was pulled off in a day.

“Good Witch” has always been about Cassie Nightingale’s effect on people and her ability to sense what they want, need. What about when she needs some help of her own? She knew where to go and that was to see a close friend, Olympia, a bookstore owner in Chicago. There she got words of wisdom after learning from Sam’s sister Joanne, that he was set on never marrying again.

The couple had addressed the issue prior to Cassie’s trip, but not in any definitive way. Cassie wondered if she could live with remaining with Sam, without marriage in the future, understanding his fear after the breakup of his first marriage.¬†Olympia told Cassie to live in the moment and try to rein in her penchant for seeing into the future and fixing things for those around her. She chose to give it a try and was rewarded.

Sam wasn’t thrilled his sister spilled the beans, but it just didn’t seem to occur to him that Cassie might be thinking in those terms. After a heart-to-heart with Joanne he went looking for his lady-love and learned she left Middleton for a few days. That set him off a bit, so he went to Chicago to find her. Sam impressed Cassie with the surprise visit, his apology and explanation of where his head was when he made his vow to never marry again. It satisfied Cassie enough that she never saw the proposal coming.

They say that weddings make those in attendance feel the power of love more keenly than at other times. That was certainly true for Sam, who sat next to Cassie at Michael and Vanessa’s ceremony. In the video clip posted below, you can see how he chose to open his mind to a different ending. Instead of fear and pressure to never fail again, Sam saw that simply allowing himself to look at marriage as a string of tomorrows could make it easier to contemplate the future.

What were we worried about? Well, as written after last week’s part one of “Not Getting Married Today”, we feared that the artist’s painting reflecting conflict between the couple might hold bad news for Sam and Cassie. If it does, it won’t be until next season! Meanwhile, the painting did suggest a major rift between Grace and Nick.

Sure enough, the season ended with Sam and Cassie’s kids at odds over a major gaffe. Nick confided to Grace that he was ready to breakup with her bestie Courtney, but couldn’t seem to find the right time. At the wedding reception, Grace nagged Nick to stop putting it off and she was overheard by Courtney. While Grace felt awful she justified it by telling Nick it would not have occurred but for his cowardice.

Sam and Cassie came upon them fighting just as the big news of their parents’ engagement was about to be announced, making them step-siblings. Bad timing for sure, and at least one prophesy of the painting came true.

“Good Witch” image and video credit: Crownmedia US, used with permission¬†

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