Paola, newly blonde on "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After"

Should It Be Miami or Oklahoma for Russ and Paola on ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’

Update: Russ and Paola a mess in Miami! See RECAP below.

“90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” Season 2 picked up the saga of Russ and Paola, as the couple manages the latest crisis in their marriage. Where to live? They tried it in Oklahoma, and now Russ has decided to join wife Paola in Miami.

If you haven’t seen Paola’s new look, check out the photo above. She went blonde at the suggestion of her modeling agency. It is expected to help her stand out among Latin American modeling hopefuls who go with the dark hair look. She spent hundred of dollars to get the transformation and the big reveal was pretty spectacular.

Russ saw it via video chat and he approved. Here’s the good news: Paola is still way into her husband and couldn’t wait to show him. She misses him very much, despite her new friends and life. That might have helped Russ decide to make the big move. Will it help him overcome the issues he has with the arrangement?

“90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” had to deal with this issue in its first season. Kyle and Noon, a couple whose marriage was not in doubt even during their season working with the K-1 visa process, faced the wife’s dissatisfaction with her surroundings. They ended up moving to Thailand and leaving the U.S. Kyle didn’t have a lot of ties here in this country, what with the horrible relationship with his substance-abuser mom. Noon’s dad was gravely ill in Thailand and neither had a job that rooted them anywhere specific.

Unlike Kyle, Russ has plenty of family back home in OK, and that was part of the problem for his wife. Her passionate personality and her mode of dress were frowned upon by his family. Her yearning for a career that took her on the road was also given the thumbs down. Russ must have thought he could take the Colombia out of the girl and he was wrong.

Pao needs friends who share some of her interests and don’t look at her as if she were some alien creature who landed in the midwest. When Russ lost his job and remained unemployed, Pao decided to give her it a try in Miami as a model. Is she making big bucks yet? No, and it’s not a lock she will, but without a job Russ was just brooding and lonely in Oklahoma.

If it is to be a true test, then Russ has to let go of his own issues with his wife’s career choice. He also has to keep from feeling like less of a man for not being the sole breadwinner and provider. And finally, though he thinks the market for his type of work isn’t good in Florida, he might just be pleasantly surprised.

What do you think will occur as the season goes on?


In the latest episode, Russ arrived in Miami to a sexy welcome home. After that, things got dicey and Paola made a huge mistake. It’s one thing to try to convince your hubby to make a new life in Florida rather than Oklahoma, it’s another to subject him to ridicule

Pao didn’t ridicule Russ, it was her bestie who did the damage. There’s bad feelings between Juan and Russ and with good reason. Juan doesn’t respect Pao’s choice of husband and won’t try to smooth things over. He doubles down on insults, couched as jokes. We all know he’s not kidding, except Paola.

Russ gets an “A” for effort after agreeing to meet with Juan and his boyfriend. He wasn’t pleased his wife was in Miami at the same time as Juan, and began to wonder if that’s why she insisted on moving there. Paola did her best to convince Russ that Juan’s visit was a surprise, but when Russ was ridiculed and humiliated it was all too much.

Paola cannot allow her bestie to tease her husband when it goes beyond the normal range of teasing. She needs to realize how much it took for Russ to look bad to his family and friends and go join his wife. She’s not working on any regular basis, he has no job and the OKC house won’t sell. His concern is that one or both of them start bringing in some regular income.

We all know that the spouses who leave their countries to come to the U.S. give up family, lives, friends and careers. It isn’t beyond what Russ should do to relocate and give Miami a try since he’s without a job, but to have to be ridiculed by someone who has disdain for him? That is not part of the bargain.

What do you think needs to happen for Russ and Paola to make it?

“90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” season 2 airs Sundays on TLC, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT ¬† ¬†Image credit: TLC, used with permission¬†

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