David Norton on "Married At First Sight: Second Chances"

Angry Reaction To David Norton’s Final Choice: ‘Married At First Sight: Second Chances” Season Finale

Update: EXCLUSIVE Interview with show expert: David’s lies & deceit ‘troubling’

“Married At First Sight: Second Chances” aired its season finale with the second live-in week and then the ultimate choice made by David Norton and Vanessa Nelson. He was the definition of the old saying, “All dressed up with nowhere to go”.

While Vanessa ended with a diamond ring on her finger, David only opened the jewelry box he carried to look at it with sadness. It went to no one after he gave the bad news to both Isabella and Tara. David said he tried to feel the love necessary to make the commitment that the ring represents, but failed. Isabella kept her composure, but Tara went a bit bonkers and TVRuckus readers are in total agreement with her reaction.

In our recap of the episode, we noted that David told Tara he loved her during the live-in week. It was a total contrast to the time he spent with Isabella. There was every reason for Tara to think she had more than a puncher’s chance at being Mrs. David Norton. There is something more to live for, however, at least for viewers. The tell-all reunion show next week looks to be a burn session.

Here’s just a sample of what readers have said on our site and social media pages. Chime in below in the comments section!

  • Martha wrote: “So disappointed. David needs serious counseling. He seems to choose and likes those that make him miserable. Don’t understand him.”
  • Anonymous posted: “David obviously likes women who step all over him. He is not a real man. He has no concept of what having a relationship is. I would hate to see him raise a son. If I had a daughter and she brought home someone like David, I would have to tell her to snap out of it.
  • Loretta wrote: “David is a jerk and a deceptive liar.”
  • The All-American posted: “Tara deserves the chance to be on 2nd chances.She seems like a nice girl with a good head on her shoulders.”
  • Gem Dreams said: “he chose wrong the entire time. Only picked superficially and let the good girls go. He deserves to be alone at the end.”
  • Mia Gallone posted: “David is a player and loser, wasn’t worth watching the show ! he should have been off when he was deceiving ALL these women !!”
  • Over It posted: “He should be single, he’s a moron.Do viewers a favor and give up on David/loser. Tara, you’ll find some better-and it will be easy.”
  • Nancy Burr said: “He is disgusting he can’t get a woman on his own but this way he can sleep with them and use them like the creep
    He is.”

“Married At First Sight: Second Chances” airs its reunion, tell-all show on Lifetime, Thursday July 13, immediately after the next installment of “Married At First Sight” Season 5.  Image credit: Lifetime, used with permission

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40 thoughts on “Angry Reaction To David Norton’s Final Choice: ‘Married At First Sight: Second Chances” Season Finale

  1. David was a loser, he blamed everything on Ashley on married at first sight, but I guess she read him better than anyone! On second chances he leaned toward everyone who treated him like garbage. He must like that. He was a real loser. He used everyone. He’ll always end up alone! He deserves it!

  2. David had the choice of two gorgeous and intelligent women . He played with their hearts and is a selfish cold hearted guy . He knew Tara for years ! Why live with them for a week if he did not feel strongly about them . He deserves to be by himself . He is not a good catch !

  3. He’s ruined his long-standing friendship with Tara and their friends. They run in the same circles and it won’t be easy – nor should it be. What is wrong with him? Here’s a tip for you David – you can pay for sex and tell them you “love them” and it won’t mean a thing. The only difference is you got it for free and misled people.

  4. Am I the only one who saw that David was a dummy back when he was married to Ashley? I was shocked FYI decided he deserved “Second Chances.”. Ashley only seemed cold because she saw his desperation, cluelessness, and insincerity and wasn’t going to fake feelings for him. He played it as if he were this perfect man and poor soul who was hurt but in reality, he is clueless about women, dating, and marriage. In 2nd chances he told multiple women he had feelings for them and that they were in the top position to wind up with him. Melika was a drip of a personality with zero interest in him and she is the one he was gunning for. At least she had the wits about her to back out of it before it went too far. Tara was clearly the only one with sincere interest in him as a person and was the best match for him, so he said ” I love you” not because he meant it but because he assumed that it is just want girls want to hear. You don’t throw words like that around when you are not sure how you feel or have no intention of sticking around. And what the hell was that engagement ring all about? In one breath he is telling her she is the one and in the other he is saying it doesn’t feel right. Who purchases a diamond ring and then breaks up with that person while a ring is sitting there in your pocket? He is a Grade A jerk.

  5. He turned out to not only be a jerk but incredibly mean. When he told Tara he broke up with Isabella, her face lit up, of course thinking he had chosen her and he would be getting down on one knee. When he told her “he hadn’t gotten there yet” her face fell and she had such a look of pain and disbelief! It was infuriating. I hope Tara meets someone who truly deserves her.

  6. Some people get off on going after someone who doesn’t want them. I couldn’t believe how he treated those two women. What happened to him to make him think that was okay? All I can say is, what goes around comes around- David, you will definitely get yours.

  7. Tara, we all know how David used your feelings for him and then how bad he hurt you. But please know you are so much better off without David. Even though he goes around saying how he wants a wife and family it is not in him to be faithful to a woman. As you and your mutual friends now know David is a liar and very deceitful.

    David, you are a disgusting piece of trash. Shame on you for using Tara’s feelings for you to get her into bed.

    To Ashley, you saw through David and I think most of us realize that now.

    To the Producers of this show, shame on you for giving David a second chance to use and hurt someone as sweet and caring as Tara.

  8. I agree with all the posts before me. You deserve to walk away with no one. You are not good enough for any of them. They nodged a huge bullet. Tara is so better off without you. I thought Ashley was a B, but maybe she saw something we did not see.

  9. I agree with all the posts before me. You deserve to walk away with no one. You are not good enough for any of them. They dodged a huge bullet. Tara is so better off without you. I thought Ashley was a B, but maybe she saw something we did not see.

  10. If there had been a real spark between David and Tara he would have sought her out sometime in the last 5 years. Isabella was too young and unsettled for marriage, especially for someone David’s age who wanted to settle down. The entire thing was SAD.

  11. David, you fooled everyone. The poor me act, the “genuine nice guy” act, the user of women, all of which equals to no better than the typical jerk guy out there. But you’re diabolical because you put on false pretenses. It’s obvious you don’t want a quality woman, and you have no clue what love is. You’ll deserve the Malia type!

  12. David is a sociopath. What kind of creep goes around telling a woman he loves her with the intention of getting married and then dumps her in the next breath. I feel like we’ve all been used!

  13. People want to see happily ever after. Not, “I can’t make up my mind with 2 incredible women.” Tara certainly should not have been led along, especially when you “DAVID” told her that you loved her and could see yourself being with her. That sounds like you made a choice to me when you stated that!

    Love grows with time, and so should maturity, women don’t want their emotions to be played with just because you don’t know what you really want. In my opinion, you are out of touch with what women want. Obviously you know how to tell them what they want to hear.

    I would recommend reading versus in the bible regarding love and marriage. This may give you some much needed guidance. Good luck and God Bless!

  14. Unfortunately, I did not see the finale. However, my question is, did he break up with Tara or simply say he “wasn’t there yet,” meaning that he needed more time to make his decision? I saw that 30 second clip. Everyone seems to think he broke up with her. If that is so, then he certainly made up a speech that made her think and everyone else that he was about to make a proposal. Not nice, David, not nice.

    I thought the three best women for him were Tara, Maya, and Jordan.

  15. Without a doubt, Davis has serious issues. He needs to work on himself before he enters another relationship. Tara, I know you are heartbroken now, but one day you will look back and thank God for protecting you. I don’t think it would have been the “happy ever after” with him that you deserve. Best wishes.

  16. David is a sleaze ball, he was not there with the last two ladies before, but he still went ahead with the trial weeks for sex, what a deceptive creep. He really wanted Malia, shallow and witless, who coincidentally turned him down, so he knew the others were not his first choice. Ladies, thank god you are not tied up with this jerk, but Tara you are adorable, intelligent and caring way too good for him.

  17. Tara, I will be the happiest man to have you. David was an idiot and misled you (and the others except for the brainless Melika). I would seriously be honored to be with you.

  18. Man…I saw Melika’s BS game from the beginning. I knew every stage of her game right down to humiliating him with her friend at dinner and dumping him when he chose her and her game was over. David is one of those men that need someone to treat him like s*#@. He ditched the good women first. What the hell is wrong with this guy??! Christ Almighty.

  19. I agree, David lied to every single lady on their one on one dates. However, the audience (us), could tell he only had “feelings” for Maya and then Malica. Also, if you notice he is attracted to brunettes. I knew a blond would never win. He judges a lady only by her looks and his spark is superficial, but if that’s the only way he can have spark, then so be it. That’s his cross to bear in life. His spark has nothing to do with what comes out of their mouth.

    Isabella wanted to do an international exchange program and didn’t want kids for five years. She should have been eliminated early on. However she was the third most attractive in his eyes so she ended up in the last two. Don’t know how Tara even made it to the last three. He was never into her from the beginning. I guess he figured she was the safest fourth choice, after Maya, Malica, and Isabella. In the end David made the right decision. He was not in love with any of them and only one lady out of all of them had true feelings for him. A match just wasn’t made. Too bad he misled all of those women.

    On the other hand, Vanessa is much more mature. She asked deep and poignant questions on her dates. She also overlooked Andre’s “ugly to Vanessa’s” haircut and hair color. She saw the man and not the shell.

  20. I think David really needs to learn what love is before going on reality shows and breaking women’s hearts. He will never be happy until does. The producers of MAFSSC sure were duped.
    I hope they give Tara a chance to love a second time.

  21. I can tell that David still has issues with the loss of his father. I truly think he needs counseling to help him through that before ever tying to start a life long relationship with anyone. His own mother made the comment that her son likes going after the shallow type woman that truly want nothing to do with him except using him. Well its pretty sad when he absolutely treated a lot of wonderful women as he claims he was treated, Like Dirt! Hes just mad that the one he wanted didn’t want him. Love is much more than what one sees on the surface, You have a lot of growing up to do before you find true love. Im just sorry that Tara as well as all the other women had to be involved with this whole mess. You not only lost a chance of having a beautiful loving wife You’ve lost a good friend you had for five years. At this rate ,David’s gonna lose a lot more friends unless he gets help.

  22. I thought I had made some bad choices in my time, David, but you topped them all! You groveled after Malia until she made you look like an absolute fool! And what about “loofa girl”? You looked like an idiot during the dating process. It was ” love the one you’re with” all the way. We were all looking for a happy ending for you, but you disappointed many. Go Tara!

  23. I agree that David does not know what he wants and is still immature in the finding a wife department. I was so rooting for him to find a match but he not only duped those poor girls on the show but he also duped all of America that watched. Please give Tara a chance to find a man who is truly ready for a serious relationship and marriage.

  24. This is for Tara. Thank God that you didn’t get stuck with this loser! You did nothing wrong and was used and abused by this loser! Shame on him for misleading you and giving you false hopes right up to the finale sitting on the couch right in front of him listening to his meaningless garble coming out of his lying mouth. I hope that you have ended that friendship and will never engage with this loser ever again. You are way too good to have people like this in your life. He fooled all of us. No wonder all the viewers are upset and pissed about the finale. I hope that the producers will invite you to do the Married At First Sight Second Chances show next season. You deserve a kind, honest, intelligent loving man, unlike David. He has zero qualities except for being a liar and absolute loser. So I know you were very sad when it happened, who wouldn’t be, given the false hope dangled in front of your face, but cheer up. You are so much better off and deserve so much better. You will find love for you are a true to yourself, honest and beautiful person.

  25. It’s amazing no one sees this, David isn’t interested in any women. He is clearly a man struggling with his sexuality. He is putting on a front. He isn’t looking for a woman at all. This whole show for him was nothing but a show. He is clearly “Gay”. He needs to leave these women alone and go ahead and live his life as a gay man. It is perfectly okay David.

  26. David, —
    My husband and I are sitting at the dining room table typing this I am 72; my husband is 74. We both had been married and divorced before in our youth for approximately 10 years apiece , before meeting each other in our 60s. We are very happily married, and both of us learned a lot over our lifetimes. Here’s the secret of a happy ;marriage: ALWAYS honor your mate; NEVER dishonor your mate! This means always listening and honoring what the person has to say even when you disagree. It also means thinking before you say something so as not to hurt the essence of your soul mate. This does not mean lying “to save the other person’s feelings.” Dr. Phil (from another show) has a saying that he says quite often on his show — “The first thing when you wake up in the morning, think to yourself what can I do today to make the day better for my spouse?” This should be your daily mantra for a happy married life. Without this thought, you should stay away from all intimate relationships.
    At this point, devote yourself to your job, your vocational and recreational interests. Learn about the world and who you REALLY are, Do not make searching for a soul mate the primary focus of your life now. Some people are ready at your age; you are obviously not. You need to find your place in the world first. When that happens, everything will just come together naturally. Good luck from both of us. It can be possible if you’re both kind and true to others and to yourself.

  27. The one thing nobody hit on is the fact that he told everyone he went out with that he loved them. I was wondering what the woman he was going to ultimately choose would think when she saw how he played them all. Malika hated everything David enjoyed. I think he’s gay also.

  28. Tara took it too easy on him!!!!! He deserved everything she said plus much much more. He is an A-1 liar, creep and a big JERK!!!
    He better change his name and looks!!!

  29. None of the women were a good match for David. I mean Isabella had hooters that were too small and Tara’s hips were too wide.

    David needs a girl with huge boobs and a small waist. Someone who is as fake as he is.

  30. I had to waste my eyesight on this loser not really in it for the real thing…marriage…but to be someone on reality tv.
    grow up…David…malika??. really?
    you are not a nice person, especially having domestic violence in your past. I am ashamed they actually put you on tv.

  31. David, you are the true description of a sociopath, loves the attention from others and play the victim when you feel it’s needed. You deserve no one, I hope you end up alone.

  32. David should never have been on a dating show. He was not looking for love, but looking to use people. The producers, who say they put the contestants through rigorous psychological testing, obviously did not do enough on him. He is the reason people don’t watch shows like this. It would be fine not to “find love” but you weren’t looking for it. Sorry to the rest of the cast and the general public for being put through this farce.

  33. I hope to God he never gets the chance to do this to anyone else. He is a spoiled little girl. All this nonsense about being a “people pleaser.” Please stop. You are embarrassing yourself. Poor, poor David. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck!

  34. Unfortunately, the word sociopath comes to mind (and no, you do not have to be a criminal or be violent/dangerous to be a sociopath). Sociopaths keep that type of behavior for their entire lives. They are amazing liars, manipulators and love playing games with people’s emotions and minds. They get off on fooling people and being sneaky. The worst part is a sociopath can be extremely nice, sincere, sensitive and sweet (which makes them seem believable and trustworthy) but most of the time it is all part of their manipulation game. They are great at making excuses and placing blame on circumstances or people. They can be prideful, have an ego and hate admitting they are wrong. And of course they play the victim card quite well (fool anyone with their “fake” tears). Thankfully, none of the girls he dated felt like they did anything wrong (and they didn’t) because they caught him. Sometimes it can be very difficult to catch them in their lies and games. But now we have social media lol so, if you are observant and paying close attention, that’s where you’ll get them…and sometimes it will be so obvious, (right in front of your eyes) that’s it’s almost unbelievable. One thing I’ll also me tion, it was pretty disappointing the pastor and the relationship expert were sticking up for him saying this was a difficult process. Keeping the peace is one thing but condoning and excusing his behavior is ridiculous. You can’t reason with a sociopath. However, they should have called him on his behavior (especially since all the proof was there) letting him know they (like the girls) were not fooled either. Instead they pacified him. What a shame.

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