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‘Power’ Recap: In ‘The Kind of Man You Are’, Tasha And Kids Are Fair Game For Feds (VIDEO)

In “The Kind of Man you Are”, episode four in the latest season of the STARZ drama “Power”, the wheels begin grinding on both sides of Ghost’s legal case. More shoring up of evidence is in progress for the prosecution and protection of the defendant is paramount for Proctor and a new lawyer he put on the defense team.

The feds rounded up LaKeisha, Andre and Julio to squeeze them for info on St. Patrick and Tommy, who is now being looked at for being the man they know as Ghost. It was Angela that produced the only glimmer of hope. The prosecutors will try to prove that Ghost and Tasha’s marriage was essentially done, giving her no right to assert spousal privilege when asked questions under oath.

LaKeisha helped that along, innocently of course, by confirming time lines about when Ghost moved out of his home with Tasha and when she sold her wedding ring. When she told Tommy, she also admitted she feared Tasha would get picked up and squeezed for info to save her kids. Tommy’s got stuff coming at him from all angles, including the drug business, which isn’t running as efficiently as it did when he was the chief of distribution.

Lead prosecutor John Mak got an earful from Bailey Markham, a Homeland Security agent friend of Greg Knox who insists that Greg wasn’t the mole on the Lobos case. He threatened to withhold his cooperation unless the team looks at Angela as the mole. Mak refused initially but you know there’s no love lost between him and Valdes.

Meanwhile Bailey is putting the screws to Mak’s team, telling the second-chair prosecutor that he has audio of Tommy admitting to killing Lobos with Ghost, not naming him as St. Patrick. In getting this out, he hopes to give more weight to the charge of murder against St. Patrick. He would have even more of a motive to kill Greg, in Bailey’s opinion, to stay out of prison and protect Tommy. The jealousy over Angela would be used as secondary evidence of a motive, strengthening the death penalty case.

But, that audio is inadmissible in a court, according to the presiding judge, since it came from an illegal source. No one told the judge it was out of Homeland Security’s stash of stuff, instead claiming it was from an off-the-books confidential informant. After Proctor’s second-chair attorney found traffic cam footage of Knox’s illegal traffic stop when he pulled Ghost out of the car, the DNA evidence got tossed.

It put in doubt the theory that DNA from Ghost could have only gotten on Knox during the commission of the murder at Greg’s apartment. It also helped the judge look even more askance at the prosecution, because it was footage readily available. The end result was that Angela got put back on the prosecution team because Mak ignored her info about the traffic stop since her source was St. Patrick.

Ghost doesn’t trust Proctor’s new guy on the defense team. He was brought in for his expertise in keeping death penalty defendants out of the gas chamber. That trust got bumped up a bit after the guy found the traffic cam footage, but there’s no love lost between the two.

Meanwhile, inside the prison, Tony Teresi, the man who has decided to cooperate with the feds has begun his campaign to get an admission from Ghost over his real identity. He offered Ghost a way to pay him to keep quiet, insisting that Egan make the drop himself. Ghost discussed it with Proctor, showing his abject fear that without the payoff, his kids and Tasha will also go down in the process.

Tasha and Ghost’s kids are now fair game for the paparazzi, and bullying at school, which about killed Ghost when he learned about it.

Tariq is now cutting school and running to Kanan, who he knows as “Slim”, for friendship and support. The teen flat-out told Tommy he didn’t believe his dad was innocent. Slim keeps plying him with the codeine/soda mix and getting him involved in crimes. A classmate of Tariq’s that teased his sister got ripped off by Slim/Kanan as pay back. Later, he tried to get his own sister to believe their father and mother were big fat liars, and flat-out thugs. This is the revenge of Kanan, and it’s getting deeper each week.

“Power” airs Sundays on STARZ, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: STARZ, used with permission

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