Darrell Sheets a/k/a The Gambler on A&E's Storage Wars

‘Storage Wars’ Darrell’s HUGE Locker Haul Lets Him Ignore His Pronunciation Problems!

“Storage Wars” aired another episode in its current season 10 on A&E, titled “Vamos a Placentia”.  The bidders and auctioneer Emily Wears were off to the town of Placentia in Orange County, California. In attendance were Rene Nezhoda, with chocolate stains in a strategic spot on his shorts; Ivy Calvin and Darrell Sheets a/k/a “The Gambler”.

Darrell kept trying to pronounce “Placentia”, and just couldn’t do it. It came out as placenta, without an “i” before the “a”, making it sound like that part of a woman’s womb that expels itself after birth. He kept at it, and without his son Brandon to shut him up, he just went on and on. Little did he know that the town, no matter how it is pronounced would be a big winner for him.

Emily Wears (check out her bio) announced that it was her final auction prior to getting married so perhaps we’ve seen the last of her. Who knows, though, because these days on “Storage Wars”, you never know who you’ll see. Ivy bombed with a locker that wasn’t worth the price he paid, a measly $40. Rene scored big after finding collectibles and converting a $200 purchase price to a $5,100 profit.

Darrell got bid up on the locker he liked, and paid $1,500 for it. He had the last laugh and more thanks to him spying fishing poles and equipment that he knew were worth a lot of money. Darrell’s a fisherman of long-standing, and knows the good brands of rods and reels.

He had boxes of reels, the best fishing line and more than one dozen fishing rods. Off he went to his see his pal Dan Hernandez, who has his own fishing show and a children’s foundation. The two have known each other for decades and had a great time estimating that Darrell had about $12,000 of fishing equipment. His profit made it the best day in a long while for The Gambler. “I’m having a religious experience”, he told Dan. “What a catch!”. It’s why we love Darrell.

“Storage Wars” airs Wednesdays on A&E, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: A&E, used with permission 

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1 thought on “‘Storage Wars’ Darrell’s HUGE Locker Haul Lets Him Ignore His Pronunciation Problems!

  1. ” estimating that Darrell had about $12,000 of fishing equipment. ”

    One more time, the value of any article is what someone will pay for it, not some off the top of the head estimate. The show never reveals the former, and the latter is there simply for dramatic purposes. In today’s economy, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone forking over $12K for fishing equipment.

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