Myles of "Married at First Sight: Second Chances"

Classy Myles Faced Vanessa Nelson on ‘Married At First Sight: Second Chances’ Reunion Show

Update: David Norton defends himself in writing after reunion show.

Vanessa Nelson faced questions from two experts on the reunion show for “Married At First Sight: Second Chances”. She looked stunning as she perched herself on a couch to meet the guests who were introduced throughout the show. First up were Myles, Shannon and for good reality TV nastiness, Nathan. We got the Nathan vs. Vanessa scene out of the way first, and he was asked to leave the set after she grew tired of his schtick. ¬†Find out about David’s miserable night on MAFS2C reunion show.¬†

He chose to be defiant, asking the experts if he had to do what she told him, as if he were a child. The experts nodded and he was gone. The two went back-and-forth over what Vanessa called his chauvinism and a bit of sexism. Nathan went through his insistence that women should be submissive to their mate, but added fuel to that fire.

He kept insisting that Vanessa was rude to him when she laughed in his face and left the table during the group date, unable to even address his statements about the “submissive” quality. He failed to understand that Vanessa considered his statement rude, and she responded accordingly. The two got agitated with each other and the looks on the faces of Myles and Shannon were worth the price of admission.

Shannon was the first to speak after Nathan exited the set, asking if Vanessa was okay after the exchange. Shannon went on to prove that the way he left the hotel room on his final night of “Married At First Sight: Second Chances”, was totally about him being crushed. His nonchalance after Vanessa broke up with him was just for show. He admitted that he still wasn’t over her and Vanessa knew she broke his heart. Asked why she chose Shannon over Myles for the live-in week, she attributed it to feeling better about Shannon after her visit to his family.

Myles was the one that seemed to break Vanessa’s heart, more than a little when they finally had the convo we waited for. The break up scene was so brief we never got to understand the “different lifestyles” reasoning for Vanessa moving on. She explained two things: 1) She believed that despite Myles saying he would give up the wandering to settle down with her, he would live to regret it: and 2) Myles’ way of life was ingrained in him, Vanessa said. It was part of him that couldn’t be denied and she didn’t want to be the one to ask.

Myles countered by telling her that finding love with her and committing to a life with Vanessa was what he was seeking. He wandered and became adventurous until he knew it was right to settle down. He found what he was seeking. It about broke our heart as well as Vanessa’s. But here’s the thing about Vanessa, she used his love of motorcycles as one of the things he did that she would ask him to give up. Did you notice that? She didn’t ask about it specifically, but she mentioned that he brought his helmet to the meet-up during the speed dating interviews. Would she be that fearful of that kind of activity that she’d insist it go away?

Myles looked like a whipped puppy each time the camera caught him peering at Vanessa. Whenever he was asked a question he was measured, kind and very generous towards Vanessa. He and Shannon found out, along with everyone else that Andre had won Vanessa’s heart and put a ring on her finger.

Shannon got a bit squirrely, wondering if the ring was for a true engagement. He seemed skeptical. Myles, however wished them well and said he was happy for Vanessa, in that sad/sweet way he has. Myles was complimented by the pastor who told him he was making everyone else look bad by being the grownup in the room.

Andre made his appearance and looked so happy sitting next to his lady, with his arm around her. Vanessa explained how each date made a difference in how she felt for Andre, but it all began when he came to the speed dating round with books. It grew when he took the time to ready her favorite book about love. She said that a man that took that amount of time to get to know her, deserved the same in return. The two look comfortable and loving, but then again, we’ve seen dating show relationships crater quickly.

The experts celebrated one victory, since David’s journey was unsuccessful. For a full recap of David’s miserable night, click here!

Image of Vanessa and Myles on “Married At First Sight: Second Chances”, used with permission of ¬†Kinetic Content.

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