Melika on "Married at First Sight: Second Chances", a romantic partner of David Norton

Should David Norton Go Into Hiding After ‘Married At First SIght: Second Chances’ Reunion Show?

UPDATE: EXCLUSIVE interview with show expert about David and his lies. Honest answers!

“Married At First Sight: Second Chances” aired its reunion show and it was steaming hot with temper and emotion. None of David Norton’s women walked off the set, but he did. Obviously, the title of this article was meant to be comical, but at one point David said he had to think about his reputation. He was being confronted by each woman on the set, who he claimed were lying about him. That’s when he got up and left.  On companion show MAFS, here’s a recap of the last chance for sex, screwed up by Cody with Danielle.

The only person who didn’t light him up was Jordan. She called him out about claiming they hadn’t had time to get to know each other. He apologized, explained that there were so many women he had to go on gut instinct, and instant attraction. It wasn’t there with her. That convo ended well, but it was the only one.

Wonder if the “Married At First Sight: Second Chances” folks will better police the people on the show if there is a season two? We learned that David dated them outside the camera time, and most egregiously, he texted and messaged them on social media after he eliminated them. He told them all what they wanted to hear, never thinking they’d compare notes.

Perhaps worse, if looked at from the vantage point of the women he lived with, is the question of whether or not David took advantage of them under false pretenses. Their anger, Tara and Isabella, was only topped by Maya, who was made to look worse than she was.

The universal complaint, was David saying “I love you” or “you’re my choice” or “I never felt like this before”, indiscriminately. Adding insult to injury he either lied or conveniently forgot that he said any of it when questioned on the reunion show. His apologies didn’t sound sincere to the ladies, with at least one rolling her eyes at what she considered faux sincerity.

Here are our top five shockers:

  1. David feigned interest in Isabella and Tara, slept with them for a week, all while pining for Melika. He had no spark left, but gamely let the cameras roll as they slept together and played house. He claims that when he said “I love you” to Tara, he meant it in the way you say it to a good friend. As Melika said, “How was she supposed to know you said it that way?”, defending Tara who was livid. She did look super fine, however in a shimmering dress.
  2. Maya didn’t just show up, looking like a stalker, to ask David for permission to return. He texted Maya after she left and asked that she come back. While he might not have known that she’d show up that particular night, he shouldn’t have been surprised. Maya said she only returned because of the text. In return she got dumped again.
  3. David told Tara he had a great week with her, then promptly said the exact opposite to Isabella.
  4. David was still longing for a second chance with Melika and during the show got up the guts to ask her to reconsider him, after she took part in the David-bashing. She didn’t say yes, but she didn’t say no. That’s so Melika, right?
  5. Callie ticked off the names of women he contacted after they left the show. The experts acted surprised, and he hesitated before admitting it all. Think maybe they’ve got to lock down the dos and don’ts better for next season?

Then David had to watch as Vanessa and Andre made their announcement. He listened to the two of them get all giggly and sit close with each other. David said all the right things as he congratulated Vanessa, but he had to feel like he needed to soak his body after the punches thrown.

Let’s hope he watched the show along with us and tries to understand what went wrong. If you ask us it’s simple. He fell madly in love with Melika and feigned the rest of it, because he had a commitment to the series. Maybe those two will get back together. If so, they deserve each other.

“Married At First Sight: Second Chances” aired on Lifetime. Image credit: Lifetime, used with permission.

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7 thoughts on “Should David Norton Go Into Hiding After ‘Married At First SIght: Second Chances’ Reunion Show?

  1. What a waste of time for the viewers and the women who thought they were taking a chance on love with a nice guy. We were all wrong. David needs therapy and some serious self reflection. Maybe forcing him to watch the episodes we all wasted our time on would do it but I seriously think he is incapable of seeing his own faults and needs to have a therapist walk him thru it,

  2. Those women are too good for his dorky ass. It all went to his head when he saw the big line of women that wanted to meet him. He picked the best looking ones out of the whole group to stay with him on the group dates thinking he was God’s gift to women. And I know none of them would even give him a second glance if he wasn’t on t.v. and becoming famous. He is a compulsive liar and I’m surprised nobody walked up to him and slapped him. He lied to every single one of them an he has the nerve to say they are making him look bad!!! What did he expect their reaction to be?? After he used each and every one of them! He’s alone now with nobody and that is where he belongs!!

  3. What purpose did he bring Maya back just to break up with her? Revenge break up? He seemed to enjoy the process of breaking up with these women, most with the best intentions of truly finding love! What an asshole! This is the first time I have ever responded on social media on any TV show! He deserves what he got and more! Personally, I think the ladies were too easy on him!

  4. He’s an ordinary looking guy, that probably some time in his life got his his heart broken or was humiliated by a beautiful woman (that probably didn’t even know he existed or did and trampled on his feelings) so now he is exacting his revenge. His mother said he only dates beautiful women but yet he is still single. If an average looking man can snag a beautiful woman that is beyond his pay grade he usually tends to keep her. But for David to chop them all down (which he has probably done to all the women his mother said he dated)… sounds to me like he is just on a seek and destroy mission.

  5. Well, David did go into hiding- sort of. He hopped a plane to Hawaii. I ran into him while in Maui on my honeymoon. Apparently he was feeling the heat from all of his boneheaded decisions. Unfortunately, I hadn’t had the opportunity to catch up on all of his shenanigans prior to our random encounter.

  6. The elephant in the room #Lifetime & #A&E is that you employed a pastor to guide these young adults into eventually shacking up for a week long “trial marriage”. Omg, even Pastors are selling out. As a mother who had her daughter on this show, I was horrified by the “process” and even more so by all the “connections”. Insert “Bullshit” and “Lust” and you finally have an honest statement. Don’t try to appear to be experts or God centered when you just sit by and let the producers manipulate and throw these young adults into an uncontrolled social experiment Petrie dish. If you want to be legit and have experts (to include a supposedly God centered pastor), look up the format for an “Engaged Encounter”. No cell phones, no shacking up, no watches….no drama. But of course this would be too boring for television. And God forbid you would ever encouraged abstinence before marriage. Instead like in 90 day fiance, it’s more entertaining to watch a man being tortured by narcissistic borderline personality disorder sociopath just for sex. It’s no wonder the core of our country is crumbling by way of promiscuity and divorce. It’s bad enough when the sacrement of marriage is being mocked in a “trial marriage” that involved sexual conduct without a commitment , but to have it done at the hands of the Pastor & experts, …you A&E/Lifetime just insulted both institutions.
    1) The sacrement of marriage and
    2) The field of Psychology

    The networks true agenda revealed.
    Drama, perversion and exploitation. I guess you have to have Downs Syndrome to be taken seriously like in the show “Born this Way”. It’s too bad our young adults don’t get the same “process” aka respect and selfless guidance from the folks running this show. You just lost a viewer and my respect.

    YouTube channels are beating you out. There are amazing channels out there on how to respond rather than react to narcissistic behavior. I’m canceling my cable. You failed me for the last time.

  7. david is loser, didnt think he was til watching this show, now i see why his wife was creeped out…wasnt he texting some chick behind her back also

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