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Time To Speak Out About Anfisa’s Spousal Abuse on ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’

UPDATE: petition demands network denounce Anfisa’s violence

During the latest episode of “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” there was another hitting incident. It felt like déjà vu because it was in the divorce lawyer’s office where Anfisa and Jorge had an appointment. This time, Anfisa got up from a chair in the waiting room and pounded Jorge, then stormed out.

He dutifully followed her out the door and there was no appointment. Jorge took the blow as he has taken the others and pitifully asked, “What can I do?” This latest example of Anfisa’s anger and penchant for physical payback for what she considers bad behavior, was as shocking as it was standard for her.

Let’s leave aside for sake of this discussion the fact that Jorge didn’t tell her that he made a decision to see his sister Lourdes. It was another “lie” according to Anfisa. Jorge hadn’t seen anyone in his family for nine months. If you wondered why his sisters were absent from “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” it turns out that it was not an editing decision. He stayed away out of fear of Anfisa going off on him.

She ended up accompanying him to the meet up with Lourdes and it got nasty between the two women. The saddest part was the voice-over as Jorge told us he longed to admit everything to his sister. He agreed with her assessment that he’s been kept from seeing the family. At this point, it’s not just the screaming and booting him out of the apartment. As he said, “It hurts”, when she hits him.

The good news: Jorge doesn’t return the blows. The bad news: he does nothing to stop them. Fans are beginning to get agitated about not calling it what it is, domestic violence. Should we be looking to the production company and the network, wondering if they are giving Jorge opportunities to deal with it? Have they offered anger management classes to Anfisa? Perhaps they’re afraid she’ll hit them. Here’s a small sample from our social media feeds and comments section under articles about the couple. Chime in as you like.

  1. The All American wrote, “@TLC do the right thing! It’s spousal abuse. Yes it’s a man being abused. Would U sit back & watch lady B abused 4 Ratings.
  2. Karen posted: “Did anyone tell her she could be charged with spousal assault!!!! If he kept hitting her , Jorge would be arrested”
  3. Tanya said: “Anfisa is a sick little girl. She should b charged with DV”

“90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: TLC, used with permission

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10 thoughts on “Time To Speak Out About Anfisa’s Spousal Abuse on ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’

  1. It was time the first time she hit him. It was time when she keyed his car. Anfisa is immature. Her childish stalking like qualities have lost their entertainment value. When she hit him the first time.

  2. It is domestic abuse plain and simple. Anfisa should be prosecuted just like Amber Portwood was on Teen Mom. Jorge displays all the signs of an abused spouse. If That was a woman, he would be charged with domestic violence and in jail. Why doesn’t TLC step in and stop the abuse? I cannot stand to see her abusing him. I will no longer watch this unacceptable disgusting criminal behavior. It seems like Anfisa is calling all the shots with the film crew as well. Not letting them film while she is obviously hurting him. Please stop this violence you call entertainment.

  3. Well, Anfisa has clearly learned about the obvious double-standard that exists when it comes to domestic violence in America…if Jorge had acted in this way, everyone is losing their minds…hell, it probably never even gets AIRED! But whenever women physically attack men, it’s viewed as anything from kind of funny (ha ha, you got hit/beat up by a GIRL) to only mildly disturbing. Anfisa’s behavior is completely unacceptable…that commie gold-digging fugly b*tch has NO business EVER hitting Jorge unless it’s in self-defense. And it’s about time that so many of these American (or Americanized) women who bitch about equality realize that they have just as little right to hit a man as a man does a woman. Know what that means? That means the next time Anfisa strikes Jorge, he gets to call the police, and they get to tackle n’ shackle HER and drag HER fugly a** to prison. Just like what happens to a man. Sorry ladies, equality doesn’t mean have your cake and eat it too.

  4. George your too nice and any women would be proud to have you as a husband. Love is blind and I hope you start opening your eyes. George your worth more then she is ever going to give you.

  5. I said the very same thing as Dee Dee’s comment on 7/17/17!!! Why havent Assault charges been brought on that Anfisa? The State needs to step in and lock her up and follow thru with taking her to court because we all know George will just lay down and let her abuse him all day long.

  6. TLC is an accessory to assault by filming and not intervening. They have an obligation to report this physical assault they have not done it. They witnessed it first and they are allowing this abuse. They should be charged as well as this mentally ill twit named Anfisa

  7. So, now she refuses to reunite with him and I say “GOOD! RUN, Jorge,RUN!,run as fast as you can, STOP paying the rent etc on that apt in which she threw you out of,file for divorce and get rid of this nasty money grubbing ugly ill tempered wench as fast as you can” She will be turning tricks very quickly and will have her own street corner-you move on with your life and never look back but just keep this entire sordid union in the back of your mind. You are such a nice guy and you are really good looking so you will NOT have any difficulty finding someone who is AMERICAN and decent. It would not hurt also if you moved out of the area so Miss Bimbo can’t harass you every second.Please get custody of that adorable little cat too! It deserves a lot better than some 2 bit hooker!

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