David Norton on Lifetime's "Married At First Sight: Second Chances"

EXCLUSIVE Interview: David Norton’s Lies ‘Troubling’ To Expert on ‘Married At First Sight: Second Chances’

The season of “Married At First Sight: Second Chances” ended with a bang, not a whimper, as the saying goes, particularly for David Norton. We published a recap of the finale as well as the controversial and stormy reunion show that ended with big questions about David, some of which raised ethical and/or moral concerns.

We asked Lifetime network to pose those questions to the experts who appeared on the reunion show and Rachel DeAlto was kind enough to take the time to respond. Rachel’s bio is posted below. Please let us know your reaction to all of this in the comments section.

TVRuckus: Did you know that David dated some of the women outside the confines of camera time, as mentioned by Maya and contacted some via text or social media after they were eliminated? You seemed surprised.

Rachel: “I had no idea whatsoever that David dated or spoke to the other women off camera. The allegations of texts, dates, and messages via social media were from left field and took us a minute to wrap our heads around.”

TVRuckus: If you didn’t know, are you disappointed in David? Does this change your opinion about him? How can that be prevented if the show gets renewed for a second season?

Rachel: “I was disappointed. I think about sums it up more than anything. I didn’t have extensive experience working with David before MAFS2C and we met during filming once he was already in the thick of drama and decisions. When I met David I absolutely saw him as someone who wanted to fall in love. I still believe that, although his actions in pursuing that left much to be desired.”

TVRuckus: Watching the reunion show, there were multiple instances of David either denying or “forgetting” things he said and did. Once reminded, he acknowledged everything but telling Isabella that his week with Tara was not good AND telling Tara he loved her. Were any of his lies troubling to you and if so, did they change your opinion of David?

Rachel: “Social media have been a firestorm – throwing around diagnoses of David left and right. I am not his therapist or a psychologist able to respond to those statements, but I did find those lies troubling. Though, unlike many, I didn’t see them as intentionally malicious. I do not think he is a malicious person, I perceive them as being similar to that of a child- telling them what they want to hear so that they are loved.”

TVRuckus: David revealed that he fell in love with Melika and that once she wouldn’t participate in the live-in week, he went through with those weeks more because he was contractually obligated, rather than hoping to find love with either woman.

Rachel: “Expressing that was unnecessary. If you don’t have anything nice to say, avoid opening your mouth. It’s sad that he couldn’t use that opportunity to see if there was potential with Isabella or Tara in spite of what he believed were his true feelings Melika. Though, I do believe that him saying that to Melika was similar to his other statements to the other girls – maybe it was true or maybe it was an attempt to get Melika to like him again.”

TVRuckus: They were giving themselves to him, presumably physically as well as emotionally and he knew that neither of them fit the bill. Can you understand them feeling betrayed, and potentially used? If so, does it trouble you that he may have engaged in intimate relations with them without them knowing what was in his heart?  (Update: Tara on a MAFS2C fan Facebook page posted that she did not have sex with David)

Rachel: “YES! I understand all the pain and anger that surrounds the way this played out. It does trouble me that David was not honest with the women about where he was at emotionally, but as I stated above, I’m not convinced he had zero feelings for them. I believe he got caught up in a web of ‘I want everyone to like me’. ”

We’d like to thank Ms. DeAlto for her honesty and time. Here, however are two questions that went unanswered. With her background as an attorney, it makes sense that she would avoid speculation or try to answer. Would you?

TVRuckus: If the show goes on to get renewed for a second season, what kind of assurance could you provide women who saw how David behaved and fear it could happen to them?

TVRuckus: Recently ABC network suspended filming of “Bachelor in Paradise” to investigate what was thought to be non-consensual sexual conduct. Would you put David’s conduct in that category?

Rachel DeAlto is a relationship expert, coach, hypnotherapist, motivational speaker and author. She believes in the art of communication, and its inherent value in all aspects of your life. Rachel earned her undergraduate degree from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University and later her Juris Doctorate at Seton Hall University School of Law. She was practiced law as a trial attorney.

“Married At First Sight: Second Chances” aired on Lifetime. Its companion show, “Married At First Sight” still airs, Thursdays beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: A&E/Lifetime, used with permission 

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12 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE Interview: David Norton’s Lies ‘Troubling’ To Expert on ‘Married At First Sight: Second Chances’

  1. What doesn’t pass my stupid test in all these good questions is this: How can you have a show that employs a Pastor that condones shacking up for a week as a “trial marriage”. We all know a true marriage involves consummation…aka sex. What stupid think tank came up with this “process”? Has our country completely gone mad and no longer recognizes what marriage really is? I’ve been married 29 years so I think I’ve earned my PHD on the subject. I find that NOT talking about the elephant in the room has disgrace the A&E /Lifetime networks . As a viewer I know they are capable of good healthy programs like “Born this Way.” Why not produce a show that teaches young adults good values and how to avoid an abusive narcissistic relationship.

    • Thank you for the feedback. You do know that he’s the same pastor on MAFS, the one where couples marry without knowing each other and are sent to live together for eight weeks? Sex is encouraged to bond the couples. Does it change anything for you because they are legally married, despite not having chosen each other or being in love?

  2. Yes, marriage changes everything. The pastor should know this! When the mafs marriage (coupled with sex) doesn’t work out, they are left with a consequence. It’s called being “divorced”. A title they will carry for the rest of their lives. Please tell your Pastor of #MAFS who also counsels the couples at #MAFS2c…
    he needs to go back to the seminary or whatever institution that taught him what he is preaching: (shacking up and having sex without a commitment is ok)..and ask them for a complete refund. They evidently turned him into a lost boy too, just like David. Not even the title “Pastor” is sacred let alone the scrament of “marriage”.

  3. #mafs2c involves a Pasto. He sits by while these young people are thrown into a Petrie dish, where other experts are cramming the importance of sex down their throats as on #mafs. All this being said WITHOUT the Pastor putting God center. At least that is how the show was edited. For God sakes the Pastor literally, needs to hop off. He is being used as a tool.This is the biggest ELEPHANT in the room. All involved are being used. The intellectual dialog from the healthy minded young adults has been edited out too.

  4. I enjoy watch both of these shows, so I try to suspend the “reality” for myself. However, I do catch myself expecting these people, cast and experts, to be civil, professional and ethical. The cast should prepare to change their past relationship habits and be open. The problem I have is with the experts and why they often pair a woman of 30 with a 24 or 25 year-old man. There is a lack of maturity. To me, this sets up some couples for failure. Every season, the “matching” seems to be worse than previous seasons.

  5. Let me throw my little two cent in here. I agree with @Andrea Coble a 100%, if I was a member of the Pastor’s congregation I would immediately stop going to his church—I can’t even take him seriously as a man of the cloth. Another thing I noticed right away when I started watching it from the first season is the so-called “experts” don’t like when the couples start to voice their concerns about their mate. For example, I noticed they made a lot of excuses for David’s lying and bad behavior, and they minimized the women’s complaints. I feel like they believe it’s an affront to their so-called “expert” matching skills.

  6. I agree with ApeMike about the age thing, as I thought the same. I agree and disagree with Andrea about the sex thing with Pastor Calvin. I don’t remember him once telling the cast members to have sex during live in week.. at all. It’s tv for Pete’s sake if you don’t like it then change the channel. I know this is all matter of opinion but you aren’t making sense. You’re so distracted at your opinion of him that you’re not seeing the fact that he’s not pushing sex with the unmarried couples. Don’t you think the church would get rid of him if he was expressing something like that?? Come on….

  7. I dont think these tv reality shows have the correct experts. They need a psychologist who specializes in personalities. Someone who can see through experience, the bs that some of these people bring to the show. Im not being rude but a spiritual person is not going to help a person who lies habitually. A relationship person is not going to help someone who disrespects women or men and has no concern of the outcome of being dishonest and emotionally abusive. Ive been married 45yrs. A healthy relationship or marriage can only survive through all the ups and downs along the way by being honest respectful loyal loving and listen to each other and enjoy good times and work through the bad times

  8. Was the details of the shows itinerary & requirements given to each contestant? Is so, shouldn’t Melika have know that living together for a week would be required if she made it to the top two? To use her upbringing to get out of the situation as she was obviously playing David would surely have been a contract breach.

  9. I personally feel that David is a deeply disturbed person. He does not know what he wants. He’s a sex addict, as simply as that. He confuses that with love. He needs some real deep theraphy

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