RECAP ‘Married at First Sight’ Decision Night Shockers: Who Gave In, Who Compromised?

The experts on “Married at First Sight” went three-for-three. That means that they drank some celebratory bubbly when all three couples chose to remain in their marriages at season’s end. Danielle and Cody, Sheila and Nate and Ashley and Anthony agreed to stay married and see where it goes. Congrats to Dr. Pepper Schwarz, Rachel DeAlto and Pastor Roberson.

It’s clear that the change in experts who paired the couples made a big difference. Yet, you cannot ignore the willingness of the couples to do the very hard work necessary to survive for eight weeks in a blind-marriage, then agree to keep on working.

Unlike the show’s spinoff “Married at First Sight: Second Chances”, we got happy endings all around, even with the most problematic of couples Cody and Danielle. If you bet they would stay together you must have made a fortune. Without sex throughout their time together, it didn’t look likely Cody would want to stick around.

Danielle and Cody

Danielle was the brave one. She was asked first for her decision. In the show’s previous 90 minutes we’d heard her say she thought the hard work had given her hope that her affection for Cody would turn into love and translate into romantic feelings. Cody never stopped whining, so when he was asked for his answer you could have bowled us over with a feather when he agreed.

Despite Danielle being humiliated by Cody’s public airing of their no-sex marriage, and his never-ending reminders, Danielle ignored it and kept on pushing to see if she enjoyed his company and saw potential for him. She finally, and this has been coming since the honeymoon episode, reminded her husband that it was he who chose to pull back and treat her as more of a friend.

Nate and Sheila

Their ups and downs in the last couple of weeks only strengthened their resolve to stay together. They accepted that each of them crossed lines and used their spiritual beliefs to stay on course. When Nate played chef, waiter and dinner companion to Sheila the night prior to the big decision, you knew they were going to be okay. That was some special meal he made for her.

It was nice to hear Sheila say that she learned how hurtful her words were to her husband. She promised to change that or at least not continue a tirade after listening to herself speak. Nate learned that he couldn’t be the winner in all arguments and use the “you disrespected me” card for the smallest of things, like Sheila refusing to hold his hand.

Anthony and Ashley

Finally, someone said “I love you” and it was Anthony. With tears in his eyes he spoke glowingly about his wife and broke the stalemate. Ashley ached to hear the words from her husband. It was only in the finale that we learned of her abject fear of a man turning on her without notice, then abandoning her.

Anthony lived through the lack of a last name-change by Ashley, and the ever-present concern that her family would be all up in his business. He was always the one who sought reconciliation and the two, as he noted, have very different views about risk. Ashley begins with the glass-half-empty and Anthony the opposite. The two were attracted from the beginning and enjoyed each other’s company.

Next week, it’s the “Married at First Sight” six-month reunion show on Lifetime. Stay tuned…..

Image credit: Lifetime, used with permission 

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