Adam Busby on TLC's Outdaughtered

Watch Adam and Danielle Busby on ‘GMA’: Reasons Men Don’t Talk About Post-Partum Depression (VIDEO)

“Outdaughtered” stars Adam and Danielle Busby were featured today on ABC’s “Good Morning America”. They have been in the news this week after Adam’s admission that he is experiencing anxiety and depression. He’s not been himself in a while, but in the latest episode of the TLC reality TV show, he came clean.

He’s experiencing chest tightness and unable to take joy in the things he used to love. Every new demand, no matter how small, made him grumble and moody. But, it was the revelation on-camera after Danielle asked for the truth, that was a surprise. He traced the changes in him back almost two years since his all-girl quints were born.

“Outdaughtered” is a show about what occurs when a family of three becomes a family of eight, almost overnight. In the video clip of “Good Morning America” posted below, listen to the expert discuss the most  common reason why men are reluctant to discuss how they feel while suffering from post-partum depression. Even Danielle was surprised.

In this season of “Outdaughtered”, the signs that the couple’s relationship was becoming seriously affected came early. They continued as Adam and Danielle lived through attempting to potty train the quints, discipline them and deal with yet another potentially serious medical condition for little Hazel.

When Adam blew past Valentine’s Day’s dinner plans without calling or much of an explanation, Danielle knew something major was occurring. Add that to her husband’s vocal concerns about their finances and the pressure of providing for the family and you knew it was just a matter of time before the truth came out.

“Outdaughtered” airs Tuesdays on TLC, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image: TLC, used with permission   Video: ABC, used with permission 

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