Ryan Serhant after getting listing that Fredrik couldn't sell, on "Million Dollar Listing New York"

‘Million Dollar Listing New York’: Ryan Serhant Feeling Stuck in Millionaire’s Life, What’s Next?

Season six of “Million Dollar Listing New York” got very personal in the most recent episode. Ryan Serhant saw his therapist after struggling to be enthusiastic about his life. The fact that he went again was a pretty big deal. Last season in the run-up to his wedding he finally relented and sought help. So, you know this had to be a momentous occasion.

He has become joyless, feeling like he’s in the film Groundhog Day. You know, wash, rinse, repeat, except his monotony is being chauffeured around New York City, repping rich clients and making his own millions as a result of that. He knows how ridiculous it sounds. He has a loving wife, great homes in New York and Greece and a monstrously successful real estate business.

Yet, the joylessness has descended. As he wondered if it all was because he had nothing left to aim for, you had to think of our beloved Luis Oritz. He realized his passion for real estate passed and took off for adventures around the world that have nothing to do with buying or selling property. When he met with Ryan and Fredrik to tell them, both were skeptical about him moving to Europe without a plan.

Speaking of those two men, Serhant no longer is in a battle to prove his supremacy in the NY real estate market. He and Fredrik buried the hatchet and he became besties with Luis last season. Maybe it’s time for Ryan to think about taking a break. That’s the issue for him, however, because if he’s not in constant motion he has no idea what to do. That’s why the gig on “Million Dollar Listing New York” is perfect for him. We get to see him from dawn til late night expanding “…always and in all ways”.

Tonight in the new episode, “Pushing the Envelopes”, the show summary tells us: “Ryan befriends a quirky apartment owner, only to find the rug being pulled out from under him.” He’s had some disappointments recently with developers who want him to co-list their properties with other agents. It can’t be good for a guy who feels “stuck” as he says, to be disrespected in that way. He’s way past the time in his career to have to play nice with others. Then again, it might be the push he needs to change things up.

“Million Dollar Listing New York” airs Thursdays on Bravo TV, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: Bravo TV, used with permission.

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