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‘Power’ Recap: Tommy Gets His Darth Vader, ‘I Am Your Father’ Moment!

Tommy Egan has Daddy issues, and so does Tariq St. Patrick. In “You Lied To My Face”, the lies came fast and furious from just about every character in “Power”.

The FBI team members are turning on each other, spreading rumors and pointing fingers. Angela is still the most suspicious to the others, but she’s getting closer to making a case against Mike Sandoval as each day goes by. She’s got a pal who wasn’t suspended helping her. No one wants to think poor old Greg Knox was the Lobos mole.

Tariq lies all the time and justifies it because he hears them from Ghost, Tasha, Tommy and other adults. “It’s hard to know who’s good or bad anymore”, he told Uncle Tommy after asking about his dad’s past with Kanan.

Mr. and Mrs. St. Patrick also know how to lie on-camera and did so with ease as Mr. Stern set them up for a television interview. It’s all to rehabilitate their image so that Ghost can be the face of color for Stern’s latest real estate deal. As we learned, the property in question is in Manhattan and not in an area that would help any minority community that St. Patrick knows.

Dre lied to Tommy about knowing Kanan was alive and hanging with Tariq, but Tariq didn’t give him up. Why? The kid has learned how to manipulate others to learn or get what he wants. He’s keeping on with the cough syrup/soda mixture and brazenly drinks it in his room. Only his sister Raina has any idea that he’s hiding anything at all. Ghost and Tasha are getting played every minute by their own son.

It’s not difficult to imagine Tariq getting back in touch with Kanan, if Special K wants it. The kid knows K saved his life by killing his own sister. He seems to have forgiven him for knocking off his own son. Tariq got a taste of the G life and despite clinging to his father when guns were drawn against them, he’s using that drug-laced soda for bravado.

Tasha got cozy very quickly with attorney Silver. Did that ramp up with the speed of light or what? Look, no one expects Tasha to stick with Ghost after what he’s put her through, but we all know he won’t put up with her sneaking around. Her excuse for the karaoke evening was LaKeisha, and let’s just say that Tasha channeling Mimi was pretty damn good. And her new wedding ring? Honey, she earned that.

Tommy, fresh off killing Holly’s uncle came back to multiple shockers. Kanan’s alive, he and Ghost knocked off Tommy’s cash stash and Julio was assassinated. Dre’s playing a very dangerous game lying to Tommy about his part in getting Julio to go away, as well as the Kanan-Tariq connection because Tommy has become a killing machine of late.

The sit down with the top folks of the 718 gang, which Tommy learned was a brother-sister combo, was cold as it gets. Hey, what’s done is done and Julio is done, so Tommy’s got a wish list. He put it out there that they owed him for two things;  one is for allowing their guy to kill Julio without permission, and second for T and Ghost killing Lobos. Yes, they didn’t know that their guy didn’t finish the job.

Tommy’s looking to have them hand back territory as well as get him situated on the west coast, a place that the Serbs mentioned as well. Meanwhile, he had to absorb the loss of the money Ghost and Kanan took from him. That boy makes some living when he can get past that.

Then he got his “Luke, I am your father” moment, as Teresi told Tommy that he and his mom, back in the day, created him in their likeness. So, Tommy ain’t an Egan, he’s a Teresi. Let that sink in for a moment. That’s exactly what T did and he’s freaked out about it. Thoughts?

“Power” airs Sundays on STARZ, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT. It’s also available On Demand and on the STARZ app. Image credit: STARZ, used with permission 

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