Shaun O'Neale, reigning "MasterChef" appears on this season to challenge contestants

‘MasterChef’ Season 8 EXCLUSIVE: Current Champ Shaun O’Neale Returns, Can Cooks Keep Up? (VIDEO)

“MasterChef” Season 8 just got past a very divisive episode with the elimination of home cook Brien. Never boast about your ability, dissing your fellow cooks if you’ve never made a cannoli before. The pressure test for elimination was about baking the Italian dessert pastry.

Brien singled out contestant Eboni who gave him a double middle-finger salute. She let it be known that anyone else who talked down to her or ignored her talents should consider it a gesture for them as well. Leaving aside that bit of distasteful anger, Brien was only one of this season’s group that wilted under pressure after boasting.

In general, the cooks this season don’t seem as talented, and on cue, Shaun O’Neale appeared to confirm that. In an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the Mystery Box challenge, watch as the cooks learn he’ll be right alongside, demonstrating what a true MasterChef champ can do.

Unfortunately for all of us, home cook Jeff is still among us. There was no good reason for him to remain on the show, except that the producers probably think he’ll keep stirring the pot of controversy. He’s just got that edge that gets under your skin until you’re ready to scream.

The winner of the Mystery Box Challenge gets a huge advantage in the next assignment that will determine who goes home this week. It’s a coconut-themed test, and all we can say ask is, are cocktails included?

“MasterChef” airs Wednesdays on FOX TV, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image/video credit: Fox Broadcasting, used with permission¬†

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