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‘Power’ Recap: In ‘It’s Done’ Angela Masterminds Revenge For Greg’s Murder

“Power” is cruising to the end of season four with too many loose ends. Many were tied up in “It’s Done”. We left Tommy with a Daddy problem. He got crazy over Tony Teresi’s claim that he ain’t no Egan.  Mom Kate denied knowing anyone with that name, but Tommy decided to go on a fishing expedition and seems to have caught a big one.

A visit to Mrs. Teresi got him near a family photo album. He saw a snapshot of him as a baby being held by Teresi in front of the “Egan” family home in Queens. Kate came clean as her son went a little bonkers. His bigger problem is the Jimenez brass who never got back to him with an answer to his demands. When he told Dre to get ready for war, Dre made sure he told Ghost. His street guys aren’t ready for any war and they told him so, but he kept it to himself for the time being.

Ghost knows Tommy’s rough around the edges, so to speak, and decided to meet with the Jimenez folks alongside Tommy. He had an idea about how to pull off a safe, and satisfactory solution. Reminding the Jimenez folks that Lobos being out of the picture helped them, and Julio’s death was a promise broken to him, Ghost put the ultimate card on the table.

The Jimenez family would be seen as untrustworthy and less feared if the word got out that they took credit for the Lobos hit, but didn’t do it. Oh, it got ugly in that room, because, you know, it’s power. Ghost danced a bit, and Tommy did too, but they left with a demand for an answer in 24 hours.

During that time, Dre decided to go for the gold, sell out Tommy and demand to take his place for the Jimenez folks. He was willing to trade his access to the hotels and club business for getting Tommy out of the picture. Talk about no good deed going unpunished, Dre was raised up by Ghost and Tommy, but he doesn’t fear T like he does Mr. St. Patrick.

Elsewhere, the rest of the disgraced prosecution team narrowed its focus to Mike Sandoval. Putting all the pieces together Angela and compatriots began to see Mike as the only possible answer. They needed something more since there is no direct link with any forensic evidence, but you know that’s coming. Meanwhile Mike was getting antsy.

Tipped off to the theory of the case he visited Angela, packing a gun. What he didn’t know was that the tip was a set up. Angela was wired up and the whole team was in a van outside Angie’s apartment listening. Mike admitted he was twisted by Lobos who threatened his daughter, but before he was able to make a full confession, Angela chose to cut off the audio on the wire.

Mike pulled his gun and told her how it was going to go down. He’d make it look like she was the aggressor and he shot in self defense. He made her turn her back to him as he spouted off about how he would save himself. Angela asked how he’d say it was self defense if she was shot in the back. As Mike gave it a second of thought, she wheeled around with her own gun and got in him the arm.

Then she did something chilling. She gave Mike a way out, telling him to say he was a witness, not a murderer. Sandoval knew too much about her involvement with Ghost, and her former lover’s street business. Once in custody Mike bargained with Mak, threatening to say he worked for Lobos, for years putting scores of prosecutions and convictions into question. Mak would be forced to unravel it all, ending his brilliant upward mobility at the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

As Mak was meekly considering the request, Angela completed her part in this. She went to Silver to tell him the good news about Sandoval’s arrest, and she asked that he inform Proctor. She added a neat tidbit, which Silver conveyed to Ghost and Tasha. Sandoval was in custody locally, to be questioned before going into protective custody. Part of any bargain Mike would make could include what he knew about tying Ghost and Tommy to the Lobos murder and drug business.

Something had to be done. Proctor met with Tommy and Ghost and they discussed how to get to Mike before he talked. All of a sudden being son of Tony Teresi came in handy. Tommy called his dad who without questioning a thing, said he’d do it, because, “You’re family”.  It was handled, as Olivia Pope says in “Scandal”. Word got back to Mak’s office and he ran over there with Saks and Angela. She stayed back after the men left and kneeled over Mike’s body. “This is for Greg”, she said in Spanish. Yup, she’s crossed a line and there’s no going back.

Earlier in the episode, Ghost told Proctor, “I don’t know who to trust,” after he learned from Tommy about the Markham visit and Proctor’s part in disposing of a body and a laptop. Ghost wondered if Proctor was ready to flip.

While Proctor assured him that Bailey Markham’s body and the audio tape file would never turn up, James St. Patrick was not 100% sure. As usual, the St. Patrick instincts were good. We watched Proctor unload a laptop into a locked box used for mail at one of those retail storefronts.

You know who else Ghost shouldn’t trust? Tasha and attorney Terry Silver. That earring he picked up off the carpet of Silver’s apartment during a surprise early morning visit may match one that he’ll find in Tasha’s jewelry collection. That girl needs to tighten things up, including the coming and goings of her kids.

Raina asked to switch schools, and gave Tasha the brochure for the one she suggested to her brother Tariq. Not only doesn’t he want to go to that school, he doesn’t want to go to any school, texting his boy “Brains” that he wanted in on the next job. Off he went, using a candy sales for charity scheme, and he got some wealthy woman to open her door.

Giving the nod to the two guys who drove him there, they entered as if they didn’t know Tariq. Brains punched the woman and kicked Tariq. The kid was told to get the heck out of the house as soon as they got the woman upstairs, but did he listen? Of course he didn’t. Instead he went up and found one beginning to take off the woman’s clothes as the other looked for valuables.

Tariq realized the woman was about to be sexually assaulted and shouted at Brains, using the guy’s name. He not only didn’t stop the assault, he watched as the woman was executed. He ran the heck out of the house, hid around an alley and hoped he could escape. Brains kept texting him but he decided to scoot home.

There he asked his father about the boarding school Raina spoke of, professing an interest in attending. Does he think Brains can’t drive or find him there? To be continued…

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