Jennifer, Andrea and Jessica look through old photos and talk about being raised in a polygamist cult on "Escaping Polygamy"

‘Escaping Polygamy’ EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek: Remorseful Mom Fears For Daughters Left Behind (VIDEO)

Update: recap after episode posted below!

‘Escaping Polygamy’ is all new tonight, Monday August 14 on A&E, with yet another story of making a choice to break with a polygamist sect. In last week’s season premiere, we saw a first for the show. A man, his two wives and their eight children were all helped to leave the Apostolic Universal Brethren (AUB).  The team had never assisted anyone from that particular group; lifting a family out of that compound was nerve-wracking to say the least.

Tonight, in “Give Me Back My Daughters, Part 1”, a mother reaches out after leaving behind two of her children at the now infamous FLDS town of Colorado City, Arizona. Those familiar with the book “Sophie’s Choice” and/or the film of the same name, understand the concept of having to decide which of your children to save, when it’s impossible to save them all.  In the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek posted below, listen as the mom gives us the circumstances of that choice.

It’s time for Rosie and Suzie, the two children still separated from their mom and other siblings, to join them. The question is whether or not they can be found. When the team learns the secret location of the eldest daughter, things begin to happen.

‘Escaping Polygamy’, now in its third season follows the activity of three sisters, Jessica, Andrea and Shanell who left everything behind ten years ago. They were members of the Kingston clan, a powerful polygamist group based in Salt Lake City, Utah known as The Order. They are now dedicated to assisting others to remove themselves from polygamist sects.

Getting them extricated is much more than physically removing them from a compound or property. The preparation to do so includes discussions about why the individual(s) wants to leaving what to expect on the outside and the ramifications of abandoning people or family left behind.


We followed the hunt for only one of Suzette’s daughters, the eldest named Susie Mae. We weren’t given any information about the younger one, and perhaps that will come in part II next Monday night.

The episode concluded as Suzette and the team were told to leave the property where daughter Susie Mae was living. The amount of lying to keep her from Suzette was overwhelming. The team was told by everyone that Susie hadn’t been seen in the area for quite a while. Luckily Jessica and the team knew that Matt saw the Susie when he watched the property.

They knew where to look after a member of the FLDS community spoke with anonymity to the team. Susie had been sent from the Colorado City area to a “house of hiding”, from which she might never return, according to the source.

Suzette’s sadness and fear for her daughter only increased. Her guilt also grew about what kind of life Susie was living. When Suzette left FLDS, Susie he was old enough, as was her sister to resist moving out. Her head had already been filled with what Suzette called propaganda and lies, in the guise of spiritual advice.

The horror story of Susie being told at a young age to “train” for being a wife to a man, by allowing her father to help her was bone-chilling. Coupled with hate about her mother, and you’ve got a young woman who sees Suzette as the enemy.

In the sneak peek scenes of the next episode, we saw that Suzette left the house in a vehicle that is about to meet, perhaps collide with the SUV driven by Matt. Stay tuned…

‘Escaping Polygamy’ airs Mondays on A&E, beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: A&E, used with permission 

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2 thoughts on “‘Escaping Polygamy’ EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek: Remorseful Mom Fears For Daughters Left Behind (VIDEO)

  1. As a mother I couldn’t imagine having to do what she did. I’m all about protecting children no matter what their age. God Bless her for everything she has been through without having all her children together.

  2. Jaycee Dugard vs. The Polygamists
    Their are a group of people whose life is almost identical to Jaycee Dugards’ life in captivity. Unlike Jaycee who could not be found these people can be. They are members of Utah’s polygamist cults. These cults have a few thousand Jaycee Lee Dugards in the custody of hundreds of Phillip Garridos with no Rebecca Baileys around to clean up the mess. The only difference between these girls and Jaycee is they were born into captivity not kidnapped into it. They did not chose that life any more than Jaycee did. Their brainwashed parents, at one time victims themselves are coconspirators In their abuse and exploitation. Keep in mind that like Jaycee they have been kept isolated all their lives and don’t have faintest idea what’s going on in the real world. Like Jaycee they have been fed a steady diet of highly deceptive and manipulative misinformation. Much of it unrealistic unsupported ultra extreme religious rhetoric and threats. Just to name a few they are taught that Warren Jeffs is the president of the united states and is going to get out of jail tomorrow. They believe they are immune to the effects of inbreeding. They don’t believe man ever stepped foot on the moon and NASA doesn’t exists. They have intentionally introduced phobias, fear and shun outsiders, the internet and every other form of electronic or printed communication. With no alternative point of view they can be told just about anything and they will believe it. They are unlikely to ask for help.
    Unlike Jaycee when they escape polygamy they lose their family not get them back. They are shunned buy family and friend alike . They do not get a penny from the state and are totally on their own to sink or swim. They all have issues, face seemingly insurmountable challenges and are in need of counseling. These Escapes are not always successful. Sometimes the dragon wins. Some girls make repeated unsuccessful escape attempts. Some file for emancipation and just before the hearing the cult will use their custodial authority to institutionalize the girl making her unavailable to attend. Some take their own lives. Some who have access to information about tax fraud, welfare fraud, money laundering and hidden assets try to take down the organization from inside, by supplying it to the government. Some run away and are returned to the cult, which has custodial rights yielded to it by their parents. This effectively makes the children the property of the cult, not their parents. They all suffer in silence and fear.
    There are three main groups The AUB (Apostolic United Brethren) in Arizona and Montana, the FLDS(Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints) headed by The Profit Warren Jeffs(serving life +20), in the south and a splinter group called The Kingston Group or The Order headed by The Profit Paul Kingston(under investigation), around Salt Lake city. These two should share a cell with Philip and Charlie. I wonder how they would get along. Both groups are the subject of a variety of federal and a few state investigations for many violations and have many members in jail or on the run. Despite that most of what they do goes uninvestigated. There are also many civil suits and uncollected judgments pending against them as well. You would be amazed at what goes on in these groups. Both groups tell their members that gods law is above man’s law so they above the law. They are descended directly from god and there for superior to mere mortals like us(gentiles). Many people view these groups as organized crime syndicates not churches. Paul Kingston being called the John Gotti of religion. You will have to decide for yourself what they are.
    The children are exploited in every way that children can be exploited, sexily, finically, genetically, nutritionally, educationally and neglected. They face a life of malnutrition and food shortages, due to the size of their family. They receive absolutely no support from the father, who has a dozen or so wives and a dozen or so kids buy each one. At age 8-13 they are sent to lying school to be taught to shun and lie to everyone outside the cult especially social workers and welfare workers. At 12 to 13 the girls plan their very secret wedding to an assigned, on short notice husband, usually an uncle or a cousin 30 years there senior, who may already have multiple wives. While the ceremony is not legally binding it serves to legitimize and convince the girl to have sex with her assigned partner. The cult must commit the girls to a sexual relationship while they can still use their custodial authority to force the relationship or risk losing control of them, when they become of age. If they resist they are sometimes beaten by their own father. They may be reassigned to another husband at a later date. All cult members are already 5th or 6th generation inbred. Miscarriages, stillbirths and horrible birth defects are not at all uncommon and becoming more common with each generation. Fumarase syndrome “Polygamist Down’s “a condition that primarily affects the nervous system, especially the brain, occurs so infrequently that fewer than 50 cases have been documented worldwide. Children born out of polygamy had risk factors of 1 million times the global averages. Researchers say inbreeding from polygamous relationships is the chief reason behind the now-common disease in the introverted Mormon community. It’s the byproduct of generational inbreeding. There are many children suffering from the metabolic disease and a growing number of cases of other rare genetic disorders in the polygamous community on the Utah-Arizona border that cause severe mental retardation. Affected infants may have an abnormally small head size “microcephaly”, abnormal brain structure. Sometimes their internal organs are not internal but external. The effects of inbreeding are the cults most guarded secret, even from other members. Since the cult does not recognize inbreeding sometimes the mother must be punished for her wickedness. She will be sent to repent. Usually 3-9 months of isolation in an remote location. Many are never recover from this. Anything bad that happens to anyone is gods punishment for their lack of faith. Healthcare and doctors and the records they keep are shunned.

    Many of the babies have very short lives. Those that don’t make it are secretly buried. If they live to see their first birthday their falsified birth certificates are filed(in Angel and Starlet’s case none at all). At a minimum the father’s name is ether blank or factious. If the mother was underage her name and/or the birth date might be as well, unlawfully falsified to protect the cult and the parents from charges of incest, neglect, abuse, polygamy, truancy, child labor law violations, rape, statutory rape and lack of child support. By 15 or sometimes earlier they are out of school and are working long hours at subminimum wages or script if they are paid at all. Many girls have been repeatedly molested buy their husbands to be. Viewed as breading stock, by 16 or maybe sooner they are celestial or spiritual(not legally married) wives, pregnant, working for a cult owned business and are expected have a child every year from then on. This is how the Mormon church and the cults built their numbers into what they are today. They claim to double in size every year and expect to take over North America. With their incredible birth rate they might do just that. Although their numbers increase every year they get weaker genetically. Unless they improve their genetic diversity they may ultimately find out their not as immune to god’s laws of inbreeding as they think and destroy themselves. They may be adept a dodging mans laws but not the laws of nature.
    I don’t know what these girls did to deserve to be born into a polygamist cult. Maybe they’re not righteous enough to be endowed by their Creator with unalienable Rights. They certainly do not have Liberty they, may not refuse sex, may not communicate outside the cult, may not own anything and do not have freedom of speech. They are not free. The police in short crick will not help these girls. All police are members of the cult and totally corrupt. If Jaycee had been born in to one of these cults she would still be behind walls destitute, without hope of rescue and her daughters would face the same. No one in the cult is allowed to communicate with the outside world, no TV, newspaper, internet, books, magazines, etcetera. Of course like Jaycee there are lots of walls and fences. Walls, cameras and the god squad(vigilantes) are every ware to make sure there is no communication with the outside world. They are kept totally isolated. If they had knowledge of the outside world they might be tempted to make decisions in their own best interest. Heaven forbid such a thing.
    While the high ranking members, the Philip Garados of the church(cult) get fresh cute young naive wives every year or so. There aren’t enough left for the lower ranking men. The surplus (lost boys) (14 year olds) are apostatized(excommunicated), destitute, uneducated, sometimes illiterate, shun by family and friend alike, warned never to step foot on church(cult) property again or else. Some at a later date are offered the opportunity to buy their way back in($5,000 or so) and/or bring a fresh wife in from outside the cult. Few are able or wish to. Many are destitute with emotional issues or drug addiction. The high ranking elite members live a luxurious life style with all the sex, money and power that their hart could desire while the lower ranking members go hungry, especially the children.
    Reform looks unlikely. Without outside intervention I don’t see it happening. 62.2 percent about two thirds of population and two thirds of the electorate of Utah is Mormon. Which means The Mormon church, which operates behind closed doors is the government without any form of checks and balances. The equivalent of one party rule. The Mormon church receives 10% of the memberships income, about $7 billion a year. Plus interest on previous years income. No elected official can attain or stay in office without at least their tacit approval. Although the Mormon church under duress renounced, at least publicly polygamy in 1890 it uses and has used the same tactics to grow into what it is today. They are not going to give up even a small portion of the money and power they have just because of a few thousand abused and hungry children. They may still have soft spot in their heart for polygamy and all the evils that go with it. They are not motivated to enforce existing law or eliminate loopholes written into it. Children don’t vote or make campaign contributions.
    To reform these groups the first thing you would have to do would be to amend all the falsified birth certificates. That would mean almost cult wide DNA testing. Second close loopholes in those laws to make them enforceable. Penalties and resources would have to be sufficient to ensure compliance. The Utah attorney general says that there are not enough jail cells in the state to hold them. Third corrupt law enforcement and public officials would have to be replaced with non cult or uncorrupted motivated people. That would allow enforcement of child abuse, neglect, incest, rape, statutory rape, truancy, child labor and child support laws. Forth new legislation would need to be passed to stop other abuses. To get that passed it would have to be carefully worded as to not affect or offend the Mormons. Convince them of such and that still that might not be enough.
    There only real hope would be mandatory strongly enforced k-12 education equal to rest of the nation with emphases on curriculum pertinent to their living circumstances, that the cults hide from their children now. The school would have to refute misinformation, end the isolation, foster real world life experiences, provide unfettered flow of information by all media and alternate points of view. That would go a long way to allow self determination and human rights. Cult misinformation would have to refuted with well supported and researched arguments. Cult or parental attempts to influence, change or censer the curriculum would have to be met with stiff adversarial unyielding opposition and aggressive well prepared and researched rebuttal. The school would have to provide three balanced meals a day, health care, investigative and social services. Adoption and foster care would have to be used much more than they are now. The cult would shun law enforcement so the children would be the only source of information of violations of the law. Truancy enforcement would have to be swift and strong. If they all had this the cult would eventually be forced to moderate it’s behavior. It’s a shame that the state of Utah cannot or will not commit the resources necessary to accomplish this. Maybe they have put it off so many times before that the problem has gotten too big to handle. The Utah attorney general says they don’t have enough jail cells in the state to enforce the law.
    Polygamous Sects
    In our work and communications with refugees exiting the cults of polygamy, the numbers of polygamist are larger than those figures reported by Utah Attorney General’s office or the media and growing everyday. Although our information gathering may be informal, it does come directly from the mouths of those who have been there.We have also spoke to some Utah State officials who agree behind closed doors, that the true figures are closer to that of 80-110 thousand polygamists in the State of Utah alone. A number of these groups have colonies in other states and/or countries.
    Corporation of the Fundamentalist Church (FLDS)
    Prophet Rulon T. Jeffs recently died leaving his son, Warren Jeffs ( Who has already over 50 wives) as the leader of 11,000 to 16,000 members. (Rulon Jeffs–married 22 women, fathered more than 60 children. at last count) The headquarters are in Hildale, Utah, but the group has a strong presence in the border Colorado City, Ariz. and a large ranch in Texas as well. In Utah the town was once known as Short Creek, were the site of the last effort to prosecute polygamists in 1953….
    Apostolic United Brethren (The Allred Group)
    The group, headed by 85-year-old Owen Allred, is centered in Bluffdale, south of Salt Lake City. It has members in Idaho, Nevada, Montana, England and Mexico. They have developed an underground following in the United Kingdom. Allred, who claims eight wives, has said the group has 6,000 members. Some estimates place membership as high as 9,000 or more.
    Latter-day Church of Christ (Kingston Clan)
    The Kingston cooperative is formally led by Merlin Kingston, an elderly patriarch, but Paul Ortell Kingston is believed to function as the church’s spiritual and economic leader. The cooperative owns more than 24 companies, but the holdings are difficult to trace. The group has amassed a $150-million business empire, running companies in Utah Nevada and Idaho. The cooperative is headquartered in South Salt Lake City, but has holdings in Nevada, Idaho and Arizona and Mexico. It is considered the most affluent and most secretive group. Authorities believe the group has an estimated 1,200 members, although some members say it has as many as 3000.
    The Church of Jesus Christ in Solemn Assembly
    The Church of Jesus Christ in Solemn Assembly was formed by Alexander Joseph in 1974 after he left the Apostolic United Brethren in which he had been a prominent leader. Joseph has actively pressed the rights of polygamists in general and his Church in particular. Shortly after founding the Church, he attempted to homestead federal land but was denied access by court order. He moved to Glen Canyon, Kane county, Utah, and established a new town incorporated as Big Water, the current location of the Church’s headquarters. Several hundred families still inhabit this growing community and are following the practices set up by their leader. Joseph became the first mayor of the town in 1983. Joseph died in late 1999, previously in 1983 he claimed to have 10 wives. He is the author of one book, Dry Bones: A Resurrection of Ancient Understandings, a commentary on the Pearl of Great Price (a well known LDS set of scriptures.)
    The True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days (The Church of the First born and/or T.L.C.)
    Headquartered in Manti, the group is governed by James Harmston, who claims to be the reincarnation of LDS Church founder Joseph Smith. Harmston, a former Mormon, was excommunicated for advocating polygamy. Today, he and about 300 to 500 members own several buildings in Manti, including an assembly hall.
    Righteous Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (A.K.A. Christ Church Inc. )
    This small group of about 100 people 80 miles west of St. George in Modena. This group was founded by Gerald Peterson, whom has since died and his son has taken over. Gerald, who laid claim that the ghost of Rulon Allred, who founded the Short Creek community, returned to restore the priesthood to him. Numbers in this group a still a bit sketchy at this time.They built a temple, in a shape of a pyramid within 2300 days after the LDS Church gave Priesthood to the blacks who prior were not allowed to hold this religious position in the mainstream LDS church. Petersons group claims that Joseph Smith released the General Authorities of the LDS Church right before they did this and that the Church was set in order by Joseph Smith with new General Authorities who live the fullness of the gospel.
    More info
    The Church of Jesus Christ in Zion-originating from Independence, Missouri
    This little known Group is headed by Roger Billings, who like so many is a former member of the mainstream L.D.S. church. Billings, is a scientist, engineer and inventor prior to creating his own sect. The Billings Business Computer was an early competitor of Apple and he was the originator of many ideas in spreadsheets, databases, etc. He has now created his own following of people who practice the doctrine polygamy as well as other teachings of the fundamentalist beliefs among his members. Some estimates on the number of members to this group range near the one thousand mark at present. This group is active on the internet with a site that does live and canned sermon broadcasts.
    The Original Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    This group was a splinter group began shortly after the death of Joseph Smith by James J. Strang June 18, 1844. Their beliefs include a tolerance of polygamy as well as a higher authority than that of Brigham Young. They also believe that Young was summoned to a trial and excommunicated by a high council on April 6, 1846. Young in turn claimed that he excommunicated James J. Strang, but there was never a notice for Strang to appear, nor was there ever a trial for Strang. About 10,000 people acknowledged the appointment of James J. Strang. They are now located in Burlington, Wisconsin and lay claim to about 300 members that with a larger following throughout the world.
    The Church of the First Born of the Fullness of Times
    This group is was founded by the sons of Alma Dayer LeBaron, a polygamy-practicing Mormon who lived at Colonia Juarez, a Mexican Mormon settlement where many went to escape anti-polygamy laws in the United States. His children, Benjamin, Ross Wesley, Joel, Ervil, and Alma, each became founders of a new Church. First, in 1944 Benjamin declared himself a prophet. Several of the brothers supported his claim, most notably Ervil, but most of the family quickly recognized that his claims were mixed with some mental pathology. Few followed him and he spent much of his life in and out of mental institutions.Ross Wesley proclaimed himself a prophet, specifically the “One Mighty and Strong” who would put the House of God in order as prophesied by Joseph Smith in the Doctrine and Covenants 85:7, and the heir to his fathers patriarchal authority which the LeBarons believed had been passed through the family from Benjamin F. Johnson, A.D. LeBarons grandfather. Ross Wesley still has a small following in Utah.It was in the context of membership in a family within which two brothers had already claimed prophet-hood that Joel became the third. According to his account, in 1955 he was visited by two heavenly messengers and told that he was the “One Mighty and Strong”. He incorporated the Church of the First Born of the Fullness of Times in September of that year in Salt Lake City and the next spring formally organized the new body. He appointed his brother Ervil secretary and head of the Mexican Mission.Of the several Churches to grow out of the LeBaron family, three, the Church of the First Born of the Fullness of Times and the small bodies headed by Ross Wesley and Alma, seem to still be in existence.
    The Church of the First Born
    There is wildly varying beliefs, some believe that you must sign over all of your property, including bank accounts and monthly payments in order to be blessed with the ordinances. They believe that one should be connected to the royal priesthood of the Celestial Kingdom by the law of adoption and other higher ordinances of the house of Lord. The memberships numbers are unconfirmed at this time.
    Christ of the First Born
    Original leader, infamous polygamist Thomas Green was sent to prison in August of 2001 to serve two consecutive five year sentences for polygamy, rape of a child one count of Criminal Non-support of his 28 children. They were originally located in Greenhaven Utah but in the absence of Green, some of the members of this group have left, leaving the number of the current membership is unknown at this time. Prior to the conviction of Green, the membership fluctuated around 100 independents.
    Jesus Christ of the United Order
    This sect is located in the Sacramento/Folsom California area. The leader, Luis Alberto Gonzalez has been brought up on charges of spousal rape, stalking and sexual abuse of a child. It is not known at this time who the leader is of this several hundred member group. Their focus in the past is converting non-English speaking Hispanics to their clan.
    Sons Ahman Israel
    This group is led by David Israel (a.k.a. Gilbert Clark) originally members of the A.U.B. and now a splinter group of their own.
    Joe Thompson group- (title Unknown)
    After excommunication from the A.U.B. Thompson created his own group information on this is sketchy at best…
    Church of Christ (Patriarchal)
    Another group to splinter off from the A.U.B, leadership at this point is not widely known, since the originally leader John Bryant is living in southern California with his third wife after leaving polygamy and the group behind. The last known location of the group was Salem Oregon current information says the group may have splinter into several.
    Celestial Church (newly discovered-Limited information)
    According to their website they are located in the Mid-west and boast claims of 60,000 members in several states. They provide audio sermons via the net and also a dating/mating service. They are Mormon Fundamentalist based.

    The Biblical Patriarchal Christian Fellowship of God’s Free Men and Women
    His is one of the many Christian polygamous organizations thorough out the world which claims over 14 thousand memberships and growing everyday. They have sold their holdings in Circleville, Utah and now moved to the state of Washington. They also have branches in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, Seattle/Puget Sound and Lewisburg, West Virginia.
    A Widow’s Mite Foundation a.k.a. The Sealed Portion
    Founded by Christopher Marc Nemelka, a polygamist from Utah has created a new cult in San Diego. After splintering from his group in Southern Utah and much litigation over child support with former wives, Nemelka has moved to southern California to establish another Zion. The number of followers are unknown at this time as this is a new group it is expected to grow rapidly in the beginning as many do.
    Black Hebrews
    Israel has given permanent resident status to the “Black Hebrews, ” a community of black Americans, some of whom have been in the country since 1969, the Interior Ministry said. The government granted the status to the group of about 2,000 American citizens, who followed Chicago bus driver Ben Ami Carter to the southern Israeli desert town of Dimona in the belief that they are descended from the 10 lost tribes of Israel. Favoring stark black robes with elaborate inlaid designs, Black Hebrews constitute one of Israel’s most unusual groups. They practice polygamy, shun birth control, and refrain from eating meat, dairy products, eggs and sugar. Many of the Black Hebrews entered Israel as tourists and were in the country illegally until the Interior Ministry granted them temporary residency in 1992.
    Hmong Communities
    The prevalence of polygamy continue in the communities with heavy Hmong populations, more than 25 years after Hmong began arriving in the United States. No one has been able to put a finger on the number of people involved in polygamous families in Minnesota. The state has about 42,000 Hmong, including more than 24,000 in St. Paul, the largest Hmong population of any American city. The Hmong aided the CIA in Laos during the Vietnam war and came to the United States as refugees. There are estimates between 270 and 450 men are practicing polygamy in Minnesota, each with an average of two wives and 14 children. That would be as many as 7,600 men, women and children who are living in polygamous families. clans still support arranged marriages, and most husbands are still expected to pay a bride price ranging from $6,000 to upwards of $10,000.The 2000 U.S. Census counted 169,428 Hmong in the United States, a 90 percent jump from 1990. But the Hmong Studies Resource Center in St. Paul, Minn., which compiles demographic data, contends the actual number of Hmong in the United States is double that.According to the census, North Carolina had 7,100 Hmong; state and local officials, along with Hmong leaders, put the actual number at more like 20,000.The Tarheel State ranks fourth in Hmong population, behind California (66,000), Minnesota (42,000) and Wisconsin (34,000), the Census Bureau says; There are communities in Utah, California and other western states as well.
    Mormon Fundamentalist and Christian Polygamists.
    An independent is an individual family or group of families who are not technically organized but may have similar beliefs with some variations from family to family. Approximately another 50,000 Independents separate of these large organizations inhabit the State of Utah.Besides the several larger and more well-known groups discussed here, numerous small independent polygamy-practicing churches exist throughout the Rocky Mountain area from Montana, Washington, Wyoming, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Missouri, Michigan and Idaho to name just some of the locations.Polygamy was once believed to be only a problem of Utah but, we have had contact with current and former members of polygamous groups in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Canada and Mexico.
    These are only some of the more well known polygamous cults, there are common occurrences of splits with in the groups and new groups formed frequently. This makes it increasingly harder to keep track of them. These figures may also be on the conservative side since the polygamous sector of our society is the fast breeding sector in the United States today.
    The above information was originally posted at — a site that now has been offline for a couple of years. [Web Archive] It is reposted here as a research resource.

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