Busby quints official second birthday photo

‘Outdaughtered’: Busby Quints Love Eating Food In Trash, Adam & Danielle Sigh! (SNEAK PEEK)

Tonight on “Outdaughtered” we’re barely past the big birthday parties for Blayke and the quints, and it’s on to Easter! In “The Nightmare Before Easter”, it’s time to load up the Busby bus for the trip to Lake Charles and all the holiday prep you can deal with.

In the SNEAK PEEK posted below, watch as hours-long packing and the car-load are in full swing. Only Danielle is with the kids, but we know that big sister Blayke is a huge help. Yet, she can only be in one place and Danielle in one other. There are five of those little two-year-olds running around.

What do they love to do when no one’s watching like a hawk? Get into the trash can, pick out food that is meant to go out into the garbage cans, and dig in. How about a leftover cupcake? Or, what about a corn dog with sauce? “Man, do they taste good”, is what they’re thinking. You have to giggle when Danielle thanks her lucky stars that they haven’t been in the trash bin that long.

This season on “Outdaughtered” the reality of having five babies begin to talk, walk and get into everything all at once, has finally set in. Unfortunately, it has occurred as Adam Busby fell into a depression with bouts of anxiety. His journey to understand it all, and consider how to go forward with help, has been a very touching and honest one.

Some of his struggle has been the dilemma of sharing what he’s feeling and thinking with his wife Danielle. Since it’s difficult to put into words for him, and the feelings are so unusual for a guy like Adam, he tried to muscle through it all on his own. Heart-to-heart talks with Danielle helped him realize more openness would help relieve her of daily concern.

We’ve seen Adam go to his pastor for counseling and last week his spiritual adviser recommended the services of a professional therapist. Before the season ends, we may see Adam seek the help he truly needs.

“Outdaughtered” airs Tuesdays on TLC beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† ¬†Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission¬†

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