Jinelle Esther, at her solo performance on "DCC: Making the Team"

‘DCC: Making the Team’ Recap: Who Lost Her Top During Solo? Hint, It Was a Veteran

“Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” reached episode three of the new season, and it’s always one of the best. In “Finals”, the 53 surviving rookie cheerleader candidates competed with 28 returning veterans. They were put through solo performances, panel interviews where they had to know real facts about people. civics and the team, then perform in an on-field test.

Miss Kitty is always at her dance studio ready for “constructive” criticism of the solo dance and costume. Don’t be surprised or insulted if she puts her hands on your chest and rails about your breasts sagging. She began the session by taking a metal chair and tossing it across the studio floor. The sound scared some, and it’s precisely what she wanted.

The interview process to become a DCC was nerve-wracking as always. Veterans were judged more harshly for wrong answers. The biggest brain freeze was from Dayton, whose mom was a DCC cheerleader. She grew up with Kelli and Judy’s kids. She couldn’t recall one song that was associated with the United States – not even the national anthem. Only 44 women were chosen for training camp which meant it was the end of the road for almost 40 ladies.

The returning veteran who had the wardrobe malfunction during her solo was Holly. Her dance was nearly “flawless” according to Kelli and the straps on her top just let go. Everyone was sympathetic, even Miss Kitty. Kelli praised her for handling it like a pro. “It was 100%, the most embarrassing moment of my life”, Holly said, but would it keep her from training camp? Nope, she made it.

The on-field dance routine always includes the appearance test on the big screen. The final moment is the dreaded kick line with the jump split ending. Kelli noted low kicks from both vets and rookies, including her fave rookie Brianna. The process is grueling, but unless your kicks are good and high while looking terrific on the big screen, it’s “see you later, baby”. Oh yes, and if you put on a pound or two over the off-season and you’re a veteran, you leave yourself open to be cut. The dreaded word “thick”, means fat in DCC language.

Brianna, made it despite her less than stellar on-field performance. Dayton didn’t hear her name called and she can trace it straight back to the panel interview. Fair or not, expectations for a legacy candidate are huge.

Kelli was brutal about the vets who didn’t make it to training camp, saying, “They should reflect back on their season and try to realize where they kind of fell short. I think, usually they know and it’s hard to admit.” Ouch! Meanwhile, there is no time to pat yourself on the back and breathe a bit. Training camp will run the toughest candidate off the road into a ditch is she doesn’t watch out.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” airs Thursdays on CMT, beginning at 10 p.m. ET 8:30 p.m. PT   Image credit: CMT, used with permission

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