Jason Cermak, Jen Lilley in Hallmark's "Eat, Play, Love'

Hallmark’s ‘Eat, Play, Love’: Rescue Dog Matchmaker Needs Help To Find Love For Himself, (SNEAK PEEK)

“Eat, Play, Love” debuts on Hallmark Channel, Saturday night August 19. It’s a love story with rescue dogs playing a very large role. Dan (Jason Cernak) and Michelle, a brother-sister duo run a Minnesota town’s rescue center called Forever Friends. Dan’s a master at fundraising and his love of dogs is so legendary that his nickname is Dan the Dog Man.

Enter veterinarian Carly Monroe (Jen Lilley), who recently returned to the town where she was raised to take over her grandfather’s veterinary practice. Carly and Dan were high-school sweethearts and the reunion is awkward, as those things can be. In the sneak peek of the ‘Eat, Play, Love’ posted below, there’s a sweet scene with just the right hint of awkwardness. Dan wants to match Beasley with Carly.

What makes it more so is that Dan is with girlfriend Kristi Waters, a local news reporter who just got a huge career promotion. She recently accepted a job in New York and expects that Dan will accompany her. Oh yes, and they will be married. That comes as a shock to Michelle who wonders how the shelter will survive the loss of her brother.

There’s also that small issue of Michelle disapproving of Dan with Kristi, which gets turned into a plot to make Carly more attractive to her brother. It’s a bad idea, and fails quickly, but Carly wasn’t in on it. She thought she’d help Michelle keep Dan in town. In playing along with the charade, Carly realizes she still has feelings for Dan.

Meanwhile Dan is not only matching people with rescue dogs, he’s got a knack for couples too – just not his own. His eyes are opened at big adoption event at the rescue center, when Kristi learns she’s going to New York by herself.

“Eat, Play, Love” airs on Hallmark Channel, Saturday August 19 beginning at 9 p.m. ET ¬† Image/video credit: Crownmedia US, used with permission¬†

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