Lela Loren and Omari Hardwick on STARZ's "Power"

‘Power’ Preview: Tariq’s In a Jam, Tommy’s Got a Dre and Mommy Problem (SNEAK PEEK)

UPDATE: Recap posted. Unspeakable tragedy changes everything for Ghost

“Power” presents episode nine, “That Ain’t Me” Sunday night August 20 on STARZ. The network’s biggest hit exploded last week as the Lobos mole was not only exposed but murdered. Angela Valdes helped it along, fooling not only Mike Sandoval, but also her federal task force colleagues.

With Mike dead, it’s back to work for the once-disgraced members of the James St. Patrick prosecution team. We’ll learn the identity of the new boss, who we’re told sends Angela into job seeking mode. Why push your luck after getting away with Sandoval’s demise?

In the photo posted above, Angela in a classic little black dress stands near Jamie all dressed up in a tuxedo. It’s not so much about their official status, as the fact that these former lovers may never be done with each other. There will be also be much more about the two most surprising moments of the season on “Power”: Tariq’s life-or-death situation and Tommy’s paternity shocker.

As you may recall, Tariq was on the run from two guys who he watched murder a woman in a robbery gone bad. He fears for his life after botching the job for them, then running away. We heard him ask his father about a boarding school that only the day prior he wanted no part of. While he might think he’s a G in training, Tariq is an immature and confused teen. Choate, the school in question is one state away in Connecticut. That isn’t going to keep Brains away.

Tommy’s doesn’t know he’s being offered up for execution thanks to Dre. Meanwhile he’s still digging into the origin story of him being born a Teresi, not an Egan. While Kate thought she’d given him all he the info he needed, we all know that Tommy’s got a good gut about things like that. If a guy can’t trust his mom…..

“Power” airs Sundays on STARZ, beginning at 9 p.m. ET   Image/video credit: STARZ, used with permission 

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