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‘Power’ Recap, ‘That Ain’t Me’: Shocking Tragedy For Ghost and Tasha Changes Everything

“Power” moved into a new phase with “That Ain’t Me”. Next week’s season finale will be one of the most emotional and frightening of the series. Let’s get into why.

The new honcho at the U.S. Attorney’s Office squelched Angela Valdes’ hope to become head of the criminal division over her male colleagues. What’s a girl to do but go job hunting? Oh, they want her to stick around, and to prove that she was invited to show up at a benefit for a cause that raises money to help those wrongly accused of crimes. Guess who’s the guest-of-honor? Nothing but that paragon of innocence, James St. Patrick.

In the video clip below, you’ll find that amazing scene of Joe Proctor trying to woo Valdes to join his criminal defense team. He knows she’s a bad girl, willing to do what’s necessary to win, just not in the obvious way he is. She listened to his offer, but walked away without even pay for the guy’s lunch, despite it being her invitation.

Guess who else wants to work with her? John Mak, who got the big job. What was his pitch? Not enough to make her want to change her mind. You know that story is not over, right?

Tariq still has everyone fooled. We watched him interviewing for Choate with his dad looking on. He says all the right things, and it looks like he’ll qualify. Even his street friends don’t know his whole story. Brains caught up with Tariq, but held no grudge for him screwing up the robbery and running. He also took the boy’s word about him being no snitch.

Then Brains went bye-bye in a bloody bit of gunfire when dirty cop Raymond Jones told him that Tariq’s dad as well as his pal Kanan will not be pleased if they know they’ve used the boy in that way. Jones showed up at Tariq and Raina’s school looking for the young man, luckily he ditched class to be with his girlfriend Destiny, explaining how he’ll be in Connecticut soon but asking for more of that syrup/soda mix he loves.

Raina got to her brother when he returned home and told him about Jones. She guessed that it was the reason Tariq wanted to blow town. Raina begged him to tell Tasha, who has a new plan for her life. She explained it to both Silver and LaKeisha. She will ask Ghost for a divorce after he’s flush with cash again, so she can set up an independent chain of hair salons. She has designs on making a clean break with the gangsta’ life and doing it with Silver. That might change after the shocker ending to this episode.

Here’s the issue with Ghost getting his cash on: he knows he’s getting screwed by Stern. While the contract claims he’s the 51% shareholder, making the deal eligible for the minority-owned business treatment, he’s getting less than that in compensation. He confided as much to Councilman Tate who used what he knew.

At a council meeting to vote on the project Tate put the screws to Stern in public, endangering the bid being accepted. The angry Stern pledged to change the language of the contract, but the council held up voting until they saw the new and revised deal sheet. He knew Ghost had something to do with it.

Teresi asked Tommy to come see him at the jail, but to do it he had to prove he was the man’s son. Teresi sent him back to Kate for proof. She only gave it up with Tommy’s hands around her neck. Kate admitted that Teresi was even at the hospital, and didn’t just disappear on her and the boy. Not only did he want to be in his life, he wanted to raise him with his wife who couldn’t have kids.

Kate refused and somehow was able to keep her baby daddy away from her precious son. Tommy went crazy, realizing that he could have had a father figure in his life, even one like Teresi. He told his mother to stay away from him, did a little blow and got into that muscle car of his.

His first stop was the warehouse that Dre lit up with Cristobal’s help. It had $1 million of drugs in it. Tommy lost his mind because he’s got pissed off dealers who paid him and expected their packages. Cristobal led a revolt that no one else was willing to join and he got tossed. Then Tommy looked at Dre wondering how someone knew he had taken a delivery, but didn’t even ponder the question of whether his trusted aide was involved.

When Tommy pleaded his case to the bosses they allowed him to try and make it up to them, but began to see that maybe they backed the wrong horse. Where did T go for an infusion of clean cash? To Tasha’s, and then got told she was no longer in that business. A pissed off Tommy is a dangerous Tommy who admitted that he arranged Sandoval’s death. Tasha had been asked by Silver if Ghost had something to do with it.

Next, Tommy tried to make up with LaKeisha. He pulled out the “I found my daddy is alive” card, telling her he needed her. “I need you to clean money through the shop,” he said to the love-sick Keisha, admitting Tasha said no. She didn’t fall for it, knowing she was being used.

T’s final stop was Ghost and Tasha’s place as they were getting ready for the benefit. The kids had a school dance that night, but we already knew Tariq was ready to meet up with his Destiny for something other than dancing. When the two love birds spoke later, she begged Tariq to tell her the details of the botched robbery. He was reluctant but gave in, as we saw the bad cop Jones over the girl’s shoulder.

When Tasha begged out of going with her husband, Ghost just sighed and accepted it, but when Tommy pressed him for cash, admitting that he lost a million in the fire, Ghost got angry. He’d just fixed his problem with the Jimenez folks and now Tommy was putting the squeeze on him. He wanted to stay on the right side of the law, something he had been unable to do since he was arrested in the club at the end of last season. The two men got into it.

Ghost shamed Tommy over being back on coke and the mess he made of the business. He also tried to warn him away from Teresi explaining how the gangster had to be outwitted from killing Ghost in prison. Tommy wouldn’t hear of it, threatening to kill his old friend and former business partner if he hurt his daddy. Worst of all, Ghost gave in and wrote Tommy a check to tide him over.

Tommy’s night got worse, if that was even possible. He waved the check around with Dre, but found that the dealers all went elsewhere. They argued and Dre left, warning Tommy he wouldn’t return. T, high as a kite said good riddance. Then he met his father. “Anything I can help with?” Teresi asked T. “I’d like to meet the rest of our family,” Tommy said. With Teresi muscle behind him, can Tommy avoid going down to Dre?

Over on the other side of town at the benefit, Angela somehow managed to get the head of the U.S. Attorney’s Office to change her mind about John Mak, and she was named head of criminal division. Ghost looked on and the two former lovers met up later. Angie looked the best she has all season, in that slinky black dress.

He wish her luck, she wished him the same, but noted that in his TV interview with Councilman Tate, he mentioned that he didn’t have the opportunity to get out of the hood like others he knew. He meant Angie and she called him on it, reminding him that he didn’t go with her because of Tommy. The two said a sad goodbye, but it was quickly followed by more bad news.

Councilman Tate informed Ghost that the reason he helped him out on the Stern contract side was so that Ghost could kick back cash to Tate’s neighborhood “liaison”, a/k/a a street guy. Ghost was caught off guard and you could see the wheels turning. He could never get away from it. Unfortunately for him, something worse was occurring at the same time.

Officer Jones met up with Tariq at the spot he expected to see his girl. Tariq promised him that he wouldn’t snitch, but Jones tried to muscle him. Tariq took off and suddenly Raina appeared to confront Jones on behalf of her brother. That was the last thing she would ever say. She was shot in the chest as Tariq watched from his hiding spot.

Stuff just got even more real. Ghost and Tasha have been blessed to this point with being able to keep the kids safe. With nothing else to lose Ghost will go on a rampage and all will be patched up with Tommy. This is going to be the ugliest of season finales.

“Power” airs Sundays on STARZ, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: STARZ, used with permission 


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