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Recap ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Season Finale: One Wedding, One Divorce and Lingerie

We got the “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After” season two finale on TLC, and in some ways it was anti-climactic. The biggest surprises were not Danielle’s divorce from Mohamed or Chantel’s wedding to Pedro. They were that nothing changed with Pao and Russ, or Anfisa and Jorge.

If you want to quibble you can, and say that the Anfisa-Jorge decision to split up was a surprise. We don’t see it that way. Being split up with a couple like that doesn’t mean they are headed to divorce court. In the world of “90 Day Fiance” there is always another season.

We began the Danielle and Mohamed story in 2014, and it took until 2017 for the marriage to officially end. That doesn’t mean that Danielle is done obsessing over getting even with her ex-husband. Oh no, that would be too reasonable and demonstrate that she was ready to chalk it up to bad judgement and just move along.

She threatened to send all her “evidence” of fraud to the immigration folks, despite a judge telling her that she didn’t have enough to win an annulment case. Mohamed was smug with Danielle, making certain to ridicule her and she kept up the name-calling. Her final use of the words “social media” was all about her failing to phone her family after court, before Mohamed posted it online. It was his fault, don’t you know? May this relationship and couple just rest in peace.

Regarding Anfisa and Jorge, there is hope of better. Did you catch the sneak peek scenes of next week’s couples’ tell-all? There are threats to expose the “truth” of their relationship and what Anfisa does when Jorge’s not around. Let’s hope we get something juicy, because after this couple stopped residing together, the most fun we had was watching Anfisa’s face get dozens of Botox shots.

The happy wedding day in the Dominican Republic was like a dream sequence in a film. Everyone who acted like maniacs, and looked  quite disheveled showed up to the wedding venue transformed. Smiles all around for the big day, and everyone in their wedding finery, including Pedro’s grandmother.

Chantel’s parents brought a huge planter of flowers to pay “respects” to her. Yes the same woman whose home they wouldn’t enter or even get near out of fear of wild dogs, was shown respect and accepted the gift with a smile. The off-the rails sister of Pedro cried when she saw her brother in his tuxedo finest and River, Chantel’s brother didn’t have to be dragged to the ceremony.

Chantel looked beautiful and Pedro handsome as ever. They smiled, kissed each other and danced together. No one fought, engaged in back-biting and there was peace in the valley. Here’s the only question we have: what happens the next time Pedro sends home a new appliance or piece of electronics equipment?

As for Paola and Russ, well there’s nothing much to say. That will come next week at the couples tell-all. The only issue is the biggest one. Will Pao turn down assignments that involve lingerie or will Russ just learn to accept it? We know there’s no going back to Oklahoma for these two, so is the clock ticking on a separation?

Stay tuned for next week’s barn burner of a tell-al!     Image credit: TLC, used with permission 

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